Salads make me hungry

(Brenna) #1

So I’ve been trying to follow Dr. Berg’s advice on eating big salads and stuff, and for some reason, it makes me ravenous a couple hours later.

I feel so much better eating sauteed veggies.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I almost feel bad for not eat salads.

(Running from stupidity) #2

There’s the problem.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #3

Salads are not necessary. 7 to ten cups of vegetables are not necessary. If you feel the need, saute them.

(Brenna) #4

What’s wrong with Dr. Berg? just curious

(Empress of the Unexpected) #5

His ideas are a bit extreme. Try Dr. Berry’s videos, for a start.

(Brenna) #6

I’ve watched a couple of his videos. I’ll have to watch more of them.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #7

He is down to earth - that’s why I like him. Have you listened to the 2KetoDudes podcasts? That should be your starting point. Paging @juice.


Bergermeister’s reasoning for consuming such large volumes of veggies doesn’t make sense to me. If I were you, I’d ditch that advice and eat something that’s more calorie-dense but smaller in volume, it will probably keep you full longer. Get your cup of fibrous veggies in but I’d focus more on meat or other protein.

(Running from stupidity) #9

Hello, Dr Pavlov.

Keto is this easy (Keto for beloved noobs)

This is for Phase One - the starter phase. It’s still not complicated later, but this is the really easy to explain version which will help you no end.

  • Eat under 20g of carbs a day

  • Don’t worry about the scale. All it tells you is weight, it tells you nothing about body composition, even the “smart” scales.

  • Eat plenty of good food - fat and protein - while adhering to 20g/carbs/day. Don’t worry too much about macros and calories EXCEPT carbs. Keep them below 20g/day. (Prioritize the animal protein (i.e. not protein powder) - always start with protein in every meal, but don’t panic about it.) Your job is to get fat-adapted, so give your body the fuel you want it to use. Also, your appetite will vary - it’ll disappear, then it’ll come roaring back. Happens to most people, don’t sweat it.


  • Buy the meat you can afford - don’t stress about grass-fed, organic (con), etc… The worst meat is better than the best bread.

  • Fasting is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. Works for lots, not for others. Don’t let tools tell you to use it before you’re fat-adapted and it makes sense.

  • This site has a search function (magnifying glass at the top of the page) and a newbies section - use them both, you’ll get a better variety of answers to your questions far more quickly that way. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS VERY USEFUL.[1]

That’s as difficult as it needs to be for a couple of months.

My good friend Terence (being friends with a Kiwi feels kinda dirty, but there you have it, keto makes for strange bedfellows) tells me this thing I have described above is called “dirty keto.” So yeah, do dirty keto, kids! :slight_smile:
Lots of Love, THE JUICE

Expanded version is HERE

[1]If you can’t find a useful answer after searching and reading for a while, we can help you a lot more if you tell us relevant data about yourself such as your reasons for doing keto, your weight/height/age/gender, a sample menu plan & any relevant health conditions.

(Daisy) #10

I LOVE a good salad. But they are not filling. I try to eat salad with big steaks, etc. I ate a shrimp salad tonight and was still hungry until the cheese I put on it triggered my lactose intolerance and I’m sitting here in pain lol


Yes, I find veggies much more filling, especially with a tablespoon of butter on top.

I keep telling my wife, salad is rabbit food and I’m not a rabbit.

I like salads as a side dish but can’t rely on them to fill me up.

(As for “Dr” Berg, he is just repackaging what the proper doctors and scientists are finding, the general advice is go to the source: Dr Eric Westman, Phinney, Volek, Tim Noakes, Lustig … too many to list. Berg is a chiropractor, if you need your back cracked then maybe see him… or not).

(MooBoom) #12

Here’s a thread covering a bunch of peoples views on Dr Berg. The overall consensus being there are far better sources of information out there.

FYI the search function in this forum will yield untold wealths of information :wink:

(Carl Keller) #13

Greens might be good for us but protein and fat are what fills us up and keeps us from being hungry a short time later. I like some of Berg’s ideas but 7-10 cups of greens is not one of them.

Then do that. Keto doesn’t have to be a job for us to be successful.

I enjoy a good salad. There’s nothing wrong with having one regularly but don’t eat them until you are sick of them. Changing things up keeps our taste buds happy.

(Laurie) #14

I’ve found that eating too much makes me hungry. Usually that means too much food in general; I’m not sure whether it would apply to salads or not, as they’re mostly water. Good luck sorting it out.

(Allie) #15

I see your mistake right there.

Do what works for YOU.

(Brenna) #16

I tried another salad today. I don’t think I want to eat them everyday, but I find the early spring mix to be way more filling than romaine.

creamy dressing more satisfying than italian or oil and vinegar.

and some other veggies on top of course. .

it also makes a quick dinner. I am soooo going to look up these guys on line.


When he sticks to the keto script and merely repackages what the other doctors and researchers have found - then he is actually OKAY.

But then he goes off and tries to flog seaweed, salad, his expensive supplements, discourages immunisation and whatever else … then perhaps he is showing his true colours.

Small pox killed hundreds of million of people - do we really need a come back?

Polio, not fun. I’ll take their word for it.

Granted some people may be allergic to immunisation and that is very very sad indeed - there is absolutely no moving away from that. But we are talking about hundreds of millions of lives saved due to immunisation. “Dr” Berg doesn’t seem to know that.

(Brenna) #18

I have also found that soups make me hungry too since its over half liquid. I guess my body just prefers a heavier meal.