(Sonya Dintaman) #1

I’ve been keto since last July (with an ugly little binge in Dec). I herniated a disc last May and have been trying to rehab it ever since. I finally had a cortisone shot about a month ago and am pain-free. I started strength training again this week and decided to walk on the treadmill today.

After about 10 minutes of gradually increasing the pace, I felt like running. So I did thinking I’d run a minute or two then back to walking. I’m a regular walker and occasional runner but haven’t run since last spring. Lo’ and behold, I was still running 12 minutes later. I still can’t believe it. Neither my legs nor my lungs were screaming at me like I expected. And I think I could have kept going but I had to get ready for work. Woot!

(Glenn Graham) #2

I had a similar experience. I started working out after a long layoff. I did have my muscle aches, but my lungs and heart seemed to say, “Is that all you’ve got for us?” I don’t know if it is the diet or the weight loss. It was a very nice experience.

(Danielle) #3

Same here. Took a walk… because I felt like walking (waaaa??) and about half way through I was just like “huh, I feel like a little jog”… and ending up running all the way back home (about 10 mins). CRAZY KETONES!!! Making me all healthy and shit. :smile:


It’s true what they say…

Weight loss leads to exercise, not the other way around.