as keto entry point?

(John Cotter) #1

Hey Ketosians,

My wife and I are going to commit to a Keto diet starting on Monday. We’re read alot and I’ve listen to maybe a 1/4 of the 2KD podcasts. I was having a hard time to get my wife to commit to acting on the diet until we found the site, because of links from the 2KD’s recipes. Once she saw a full plan for the month she felt comforted with moving forward so I purchased their plan. Does anyone have experience with it? From what I’ve read of the materials it seems to align with the principals of a ketosis based diet. Just wondering if anyone has caught and “gotchas” by being on it. I would like to align as
close to the principles as I can but I know my wife may need more of a guided entry.

Looking forward to my Keto state of mind,

(Derek I. Batting) #2 is a great resource for recipes, support, information, etc. And for a whopping five dollars, you get a whole month of guided advice and structured menu. I can’t think of a down side, especially if it’s given you and your wife the confidence and comfort to begin your keto journey together. You’ll also have us for support. :slight_smile:

If either of you have questions of ANY kind (and we get them all here, so never feel silly or shy for asking), just post and someone will most certainly do all they they can to help you out. We were all noobs once too. It can be intimidating changing eating habits and, for some, entire way of life, but there’s lots of support a mere click away.

Good luck and keto on! :bacon:


I started with ruled and I really enjoyed it. There is a download for a 30 day plan. The recipes were truly delicious. I still use the site as a resource for recipes. The plan gradually tapers from 3 meals a day to one. It was less overwhelming to start keto with a prepared menu than figuring out meals on my own. I also love cooking and food variety. only downside is it was relatively expensive as there was a lot of variety in the menu. it also relied heavily on spinach (mostly spinach salads). I think on some days there may be up to 8 cups of the stuff. Given that the beginner plan was a free resource, you can’t go wrong.