Rotisserie chicken


Does rotisserie chicken from supermarkets typically have sugar? I’ve seen different flavors such as barbecue which I’m sure would have sugar, but I wonder about the regular ones. Can’t seem to find an answer online. I don’t think they usually say the ingredients on the package, but I’ll double check.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #2

Yes, it does. Plain is better than flavored, but even that contains sugars. It’s pretty low though, and I do enjoy it every once in a while.


Thanks! I guess they will be an occasional thing for me.

(Sheri Knauer) #4

Here is a label from a rotisserie chicken I just got from Costco (for my 8 year old who begged me for it…better than begging for candy, right?).


Thanks! Maybe i’ll try roasting my own…

(Mike Williams) #6

You can roast your chickens in a slow cooker. In 6 - 8 hours you are ready to “rock and roll”.


Anyone know how much sugar one would be eating with a typical serving of this, say a thigh and leg including skin? Wife brought one home for dinner and not sure I want to indulge.


No, but honestly I don’t think it would be too bad. I can always taste the sweetness in meat if it’s been marinated in sugar, but with rotisserie chickens I don’t taste any sweetness.


Just checked on MyFitnessPal and they have a “green checked” listing for breast and it lists 1g carbs for 3 oz. Not bad. Not sure if that includes skin or not, I assume the skin might absorb more sugar than just the breast meat in this case.

(Laurie) #10

Yeah, for my own purposes I count it as about 5 grams of carb. My Costco has started selling cooked legs & thighs (alongside the whole rotisserie chickens), which is great because I never cared for the breast or wings.

(Deb) #11

This is great info, especially since I use Walmart rotisserie chicken a lot, and because I just spotted the slow cooker rotisserie recipe! Done deal! Thanks for posting!


I’m trying to determine how “bad” the Kirkland (Costco) chicken really is. Is it in the skin (marinade) or injected? I assume injected, dang it.

It is an easy go-to lunch I have been having on and off since I started this WOE, but I wonder if I should limit it more?

CarbManager says 6 oz of breast has 2 carbs. (Which is the same as posted above.) Plus sugar. Any thoughts? I like to have the thighs they sell as well, but they are not always available. Keep enjoying or limit?