Rosuvastatin caused my hdl to drop despite being on keto and intermittent fasting

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I am bumped by my recent numbers. I am 35 and 180lb 5’11 male. In Jan i was diagnosed with calcium score of 120. My stress test came out normal. I I went strict keto and started intermittent fasting 7 days a week 22 hrs fasting and 2 hour eating window. I was originally on 220 lbs and now at 180 so dropped significant weight. I had been low carb before that for several months. I have done several 2 day fast. Well my doc seeing my calcium score, got me on rosuvastatin 10mg. Turns out in trying to get my ldl down, rosuvastatin dropped my HDL. Has that ever happened to someone before? I had previous blood work done and although HDL low but it was still higer than now. I stopped statin but then i had been taking statin for 1 month whole since the initial blood work. so i have the blood work 1 month before statin and 1 month after taking statin.
Questions for everyone?

  1. Why would my HDL drop being on hardcore keto and intermittent fasting and dropping weight and while being on rosuvastatin?
  2. My Ferritin, Serum came out really high 457 which i never got tested for. What is that? what causes that? and how does one reduce it?
  3. With strict keto and dropping weight and lot of fasting, i was hoping my insulin would drop significantly from before. but it only came down .3 from 12 to 11.7? Any clue what i can do drop insulin. As read through david & Siobhan articles, it seems insulin is a killer for somone like me who have calcium score? how do i drop it? i though i am doing everything i can to drop insulin? are there any test i can get done that will reveal me more answers that will tell me why my insulin is not dropping?

Blood work done on 3/8/17 with 10mg of rosuvastatin

Blood work done 2/1/18

Another blood work ordered by dr on 2/6 for detailed lipid. I was fasting for 2 days on it. Sorry didn’t read dave blog until recently.

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Lipid-lowering efficacy of rosuvastatin

AUTHORS’ CONCLUSIONS: The total blood total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and non-HDL-cholesterol-lowering effect of rosuvastatin was linearly dependent on dose. Rosuvastatin log dose-response data were linear over the commonly prescribed dose range. Based on an informal comparison with atorvastatin, this represents a three-fold greater potency. This review did not provide a good estimate of the incidence of harms associated with rosuvastatin because of the short duration of the trials and the lack of reporting of adverse effects in 44% of the placebo-controlled trials. …More

Ferritin – High and Low Ferritin Explained:

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