Roadkill as a food source

(MavisArthur) #1

A moose is a huge amount of meat, free range and organic too.


Uhh… yeah, you hit a moose and whats for dinner is going to be the least of your worries…

(PSackmann) #3

If I saw it go down and had the tools to field-dress, then yes. Otherwise, nope I’ll pass. I wouldn’t trust myself to know by sight the parts that were contaminated with intestinal contents and which weren’t.

(Bunny) #4

Road Kill Menu:

O’ Possum Stew

Chunk of Skunk Soup

Deer Meat on a stick


Served Fresh Each Night - After Dark
Rack of Racoon 3.95
Smear of Deer 4.95
Awesome Possum 1.95
Cheap Sheep 4.35
Road Pizza 5.75

(Still in the hide)
Chunk of Skunk 1.95
Mashed Moose Meatballs 2.95
Smidgen of Pigeon 1.95
Splat of Rat 3.55
Road Toad a la Mode 1.65
Shake ‘N’ Bake Snake 2.25
Whippoorwill on a Grill 3.30
Rigor Mortis Tortoise Free
Aged to Perfection 6.75
Narrow Sparrow .55
Thumper a la Bumper 3.75



How would you know it was free range and organic? It could have been a pet from a local farmer. One that fed the moose his GMO crops. :slight_smile:


not a darn thing wrong with it IF certain ‘common sense’ guidelines takes place.

kill it or see it hit by a car, whatever, goes down…fresh meat.

sitting there on driving by…who knows what went down with that thing and how long it truly has been there and what got into it before you one might not see etc.

hunters in this family. no biggie on that, but say roadkill and all go OMG! but if ya hit it and fresh, snatch it up :stuck_out_tongue: I think it is fine and a lot of times it is illegal to touch etc…but if laws permit have at it.


Our rule growing up in the south is if you could see the license plate it was fresh enough to butcher.

We hit a huge deer in south Alabama and the people living by the roadside asked us if we wanted to keep it. They were already coming out of the house with knives. We had a cooler with some ice and they gave us the backstrap to go along with our busted headlights and dented fender.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #8

Dad hit a pheasant on the way to work once. No signs of life, sadly. Picked it up, popped it in the boot of the car.

He got back to the car later to find an unholy kerfuffle going on within. Turned out the poor thing had only been stunned.

He dealt with it there and then, and brought it home for the pot. MASSIVE learning curve - all subsequent accidental road pheasant ‘harvests’ were taken care of properly at the time.



I wouldn’t touch it, you don’t know if the animal had a disease or how long it’s been marinating on the asphalt.


hubby had a turkey fly into the door of his truck.

luckily for the turkey he was going slower on a very curvy road getting ready for his turn so he got a lot slower…then that sucker nailed him…scared him big time…….he looked in the rear view and that turkey was fine and moving along and seemed great…boy he was hoping he had a fresh turkey to bring home. He was sad that turkey made it out alive LOL


The roads down here are littered with dead kangaroos. Especially in school holidays when suburban drivers get introduced to country road hazards. The tail is exceptionally good to eat. It is also good smoking meat. Kangaroos abound in modern rural Australia. There is no shortage. And we get to eat part of our national coat of arms. More of a pictorial menu than a coat of arms. What does bald eagle taste like? Nobody say ‘chicken’ :poultry_leg:. The place could erupt. Whereas emu tastes like goose.


(Susan) #12

A friend of mine from Australia hit a kangaroo and it demolished his car. This was a few years ago.


We call it “Pavement Pizza”. Nothing wrong with eatin’ it. My son hit 2 deer last fall with his 88 Camry. The first one crunched his hood up into an accordian-like shape, smashed the front bumper and cracked the windsheid. He hit it dead on and it just dropped right in the middle of US41. One of our thrifty neighbors was behind him, saw it happen, and instantly jumped out of his truck and approached my son. Didn’t ask if he was hurt or anything…just wondered if it was okay if he took the deer home to process.
This son is a genuinely nice kid, but was still thinking “WTF?”…Sure you can have the deer, but my car is almost totaled and you don’t even ask if I’m okay?! He laughed, and was like- Have it at it. But seriously, who doesn’t ask if a person is okay after a wreck like that?~
10 days later, it happened again. There was no way to gather that one up to take home. He smuckered it all over the road. He pulled the main parts off the road so no one else would hit it. But, no way was he going to bring parts home. Needless to say, he got the hood off another Camry at the junkyard, and it is currently being held onto his car with a bungee cord. Duct tapes holds the bumper on. That car is parked for the winter. Im hoping his used van will not suffer a deer this season!

(Kristen Ann) #14

I’ve had roadkill moose before. Someone hit it on a dirt road at a refuge I worked at. I took a quarter of it and processed the meat. It was good.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #15

Ooooh blimey, round here what we call ‘pavement pizza’ is another thing entirely…!


Thumper a la Bumper :joy::joy::joy:


Yes, we have replaced my wife’s car this year due to hitting a roo.


my kiddo tried Kanagroo jerky when we were on vacation and we always hit the jerky stores!! She loved it.

we got the standard, yak, buffalo, duck, kangaroo, elk and more. we love all those critters dried up and munch on

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i am totally into roadkilling!

„you kill it, i grill it!“



This forum needs a :joy: tab close to the :heart: