Road Bike Rider? General Cycling Forums?

(Bob ) #1

Does anyone here belong to the Road Bike Rider forums? At and the tab headed “member area”. The good part is they don’t seem to have that “if you don’t ride exactly like we say, you’re sh*t” air. The bad part is they seem to be ignorant of low carb, but I figure if I had questions on that, I’d come here.

I’m looking for a forum for road riding, or riding in general. If there’s something for us old guys, all the better.

(Janelle) #2

I’ve been out of it so long - used to be a road rider/racer. Bicycling Magazine used to have forums. It looks like they’ve gone to a FB group.

Someday I’ll tune up the Bianchi in my garage and and actually get out on it. It’s probably considered low tech by now.

(Bob ) #3

LOL - you sound like me. My newer road bike is 13 years old. My old one turns 21 this coming year. My wife and I used to ride pretty much daily until about 2010 or '11. Back in August some part of my brain triggered and started thinking, “I really ought to get back to riding again” and I started back up. My wife hasn’t - she’s working through an old injury that’s bothersome.

I closed my FB account a couple of years ago. Overall, I have no desire to go back.


I don’t know if I’m an old guy yet, but on my way. Agree it was really tough to find info, most folks follow the traditional high carb philosophy.

My biggest surprise was the VeloNews fast talk guys… if you want good info on keto, check out the interview with Noakes. I think I posted it here somewhere, but shouldn’t be hard to find. One of the hosts (the Canadian guy) talked about his own experiences with intermittent fasting and racing, it was all really interesting.

Might depend on your goals, too. Peak performance, there’s still a fierce debate whether keto has a role. Most of us aren’t going to the Tour anytime soon though. :slight_smile:


(Carolyn aka stokies) #5

I gotta say, I do prefer riding while fasted. Less issues and even climbs seem less torturous, in my humble experience. My rides range between 20-40 multiple times a week in the right weather…

Hope you share if you find any :slight_smile:

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My rides are always fasted but for the last month I haven’t done multi-day fasts. Just got back from a morning spin and I’m at 16 hours from my last meal. I had a bad experience once, and I think it was about the time I was getting off Prilosec for GERD. My stomach still hadn’t gotten used to the new normal and I had my worst heartburn in ages.

I’m in Florida with no hills around here, but I have no energy problems. The only problems I have are from being a month away from turning 65 and getting back to riding after six or eight years. My rides are usually in the 10-15 mile range. I used to ride much longer distances but haven’t built back up to that, yet.

Anyway… I found what seems to be a pretty big set of forums:

I spent time looking around a couple of the different sub-forums but haven’t registered. They do let you read as a guest without registering, which is a plus. I didn’t find forums that were private and I couldn’t look at, like the Dudes set this place up, but there might be some. The place that started this question thread, Road Bike Rider, wouldn’t let you even see if the forums were active, how many sub-forums they had, or anything.

My goals are just some fitness and fun. I’ve ridden indoor bikes a lot, bought a recumbent with a big plastic trailer seat and all, but it’s just not fun. I’ve never had the workout timer go up and think “aw, gee, do I hafta stop?”, but when I’m out on the bike, I’ll think “I wonder what’s down that road” and just add miles and minutes because I feel like it.

(ianrobo) #8

@CFLBob unfortunately most cycling forums are very anti LC … they see it as a fadcandcso tied in with the old ways nothing can change them.

And boy I have tried !! Let’s remeber sone of the biggest sponsors in cycling are those like SIS …

(Bob ) #9

Honestly, I couldn’t care less what a bunch of people who don’t understand keto think of it. If I have keto questions, I’ll come here where the keto experts are. There is literally nothing that someone preaching “get your starches and limit calories” can say that I haven’t heard a million times before.

What I was hoping to find in the bike forums was things like, “I used to do (something) when I was younger, but now that I’m older, I find that (something else) works better for me”. Making up stuff off the top of my head, “I used to ride Look pedals but now I find plain old toe clips work better” or “I used to ride only a Reynolds steel racing bike but now I find titanium/carbon fiber/my recumbent works better for me”. Simple stuff like “my reaction time isn’t as fast as it used to be so I need to …” whatever.

(ianrobo) #10

Ah in that case the best one for that is YACF and whilst it is a british based one you can certainly ask the questions you have posed

(Bob ) #11

Interesting place. Spent about the last hour wandering YACF. Thanks for the tip.

(ianrobo) #12

No problem and hopefully it answers done if your questions or pose your own, just don’t mention low carb haha

(Bob ) #13

I think I’m going to register on the site I mentioned midway down this thread, They have a lot more content, so I’m hoping a lot more activity. Seems like it.