Riding distance Keto

(Paulie) #1

Hi everyone

I’m fairly new to the whole keto thing. I have lost weight and have less brain fog amongst a number of really positive benefits from following the regime.

I have completed many century rides with a traditional higher carb diet and would want to some day be doing the same fat adapted. My last few rides have seen me slowly pushing distance up whilst resisting the urge to reach for the ‘emergency’ energy bar.

My question is related to a semi fasted state ride. Yesterday at 4pm I rode for 30 miles and did over 2000ft elevation on a smoothie containing coconut milk, full fat Greek yogurt spinach and blueberries which I had at 12:30 pm. Not long in I had a slight hunger knock which I satisfied with drinking electrolyte water. Are these hunger pangs typical of a normal ride or if fat adapted would you expect to feel ‘fuller’ through the ride?

Any guidance or tips would be appreciated.
Best wishes

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

If fat adapted you wouldn’t feel hungry at all regardless of exercising.
I feel full all the time and am barely hungry and can exercise for extended periods of time.

(Paulie) #3

Hi Katie
Thanks for reply. I did another 30 mile ride last night with the last 15 miles in a head wind. I felt strong for the most part but I was shattered when I got home. The last section with winds took me to the limit and I barely made it up hill to my home. The last time I had eaten was about 4hrs before the ride.

I’m still learning what’s possible with the diet. Although I didn’t sleep too well last night (frequent bathroom trips, TMI🤪) , my legs feel like I could do it again no problem. Which isn’t the same when I’ve taken gels and bars.

(Charles Simons) #4

I have been keto adapted for over 2 months and have completed 4 rides over 50mi drinking water only. 11/17 I did 95mi drinking water only, in under 6 hr. Heart rate average 138.
Reading your post, I think you are not yet Keto adapted yet, so give yourself more time. When you can fast for 20 hr without any sign of hunger, then your ready to try that long bike ride. Be sure to drink water and have some salt handy as you’ll need to replenish the sodium.

(ianrobo) #5

my real test is to do fasted exercise and if you go for a distance or time beyond which you know you could not have done before, then you are adapted, for me that was a four hour ride