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Daisy's latest extraordinary man, Richard, chats to Daisy about his university studies, how he surprised her with a visit a few months ago (which is quite some feat as she lives in the middle of nowhere in rural France!) and what exciting new projects he has up his sleeve.

Richard is a 53 year old software developer and technical speaker who built financial systems to expose risk on Wall Street and has worked on systems from industrial robots to payroll. At 38, he was the public-facing chief executive of a major software component company when he discovered he had type 2 diabetes. At 40 he retired, to devote his time into learning about type 2 diabetes and reversed his own with the ketogenic diet 5 years ago.

With Carl Franklin he founded the 2 Keto Dudes podcast (over 250,000 monthly downloads), and the international Ketofest event to help popularize the intervention as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Last year Richard went back to school to study Biochemistry, and he is currently producing videos debunking bad science journalism.


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Daisy, I love your podcasts. Not just for women. You introduced me to Dr. Boz. Wow! What a life story and a positive influence you and Dr. Boz have on the keto world.

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