Restaurant recommendations for Pittsburgh, PA

(less is more, more or less) #1

I’ll be traveling to Pittsburgh in a few weeks and I’d like to have a list of restaurants that will make low-carb dining easy. Ideally, please avoid recommending chain restaurant recommendations. I prefer supporting local restaurants.

I pulled these from a keto reddit thread, to start the discussion. I haven’t been to any of these and cannot say whether they’re legit.

  1. Bd’s Mongolian grill
  2. Kaya Caribbean
  3. Stack’d Oakland
  4. Primanti Bros
  5. Burgatory
  6. Pork and beans
  7. Texas de Brazil $$$
  8. Fogo de Chao (location) $$$
  9. Butcher and the rye (location) $$$
  10. Meat and Potatoes (location) $$$

Apparently, Pittsburgh is famous for “fries on the inside” sandwiches. Thanks but I’ll pass. :wink:

Thanks in advance.

Author’s Edit: I’ve updated this to a “Wiki” meaning anyone may freely add to the list of restaurants in my post. It would be a nice reference to have, and people commonly ask here for such lists for specific cities.

(Jeramy Koval) #2

I’ve been to all but#2. I can vouch for keto friendly items if you customize your order.

Also check out

Those restaurants are all good choices. Just check ahead to see if they require reservations.

(Carl Keller) #3

I’ve been to Stack’d once and they have a really good burger with more toppings than you can possibly imagine. I had the 3/4 pound burger. The rest of the menu is mostly bar food.

Primanti Bros is where fries and slaw on a sandwich originated. It’s also mostly bar food but I do like their wings.

Burgatory has a very good normal burger along with elk and buffalo burgers that I’ve never tried.

I’ve not tried the other two places you mentioned. Not sure if you have ever been to Texas De Brazil but I am told it’s quite an experience. It might run you $50.00 a head but they bring you all these skewered meats to your table and carve whatever you wish right onto your plate and there is no limit:

(Pri ) #4

I am on keto since last 4 month. Most often I eat from an Indian place cafe Delhi tandoori chicken or lamb kababs :yum:.

(Mame) #5

LOL I grew up 15 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh and I have never heard of this! I never have any issues find keto friendly food at any restaurant in PA, it really depends though on where in Pittsburgh you are staying.

(less is more, more or less) #6

I love Indian seasoning and flavor (to unfairly compress a subcontinent of a billion people into a single culinary tradition) though I fear it is generally very carb-heavy. That said, I cannot find a “Cafe Delhi” in Pittsburgh, though I see one in the town of Carnegie.

(Carl Keller) #7

It’s mainly a Primanti Bros thing although so other places do copy. Fries on salads is another thing around here that is pretty common. I used to crush some steak salads with a ton of fries and cheese on top.

(Pri ) #8

It’s not chain. Yes it is in carnigie only one.

(Jeramy Koval) #9

Texas de Brazil is good but I prefer Fogo de Chao which is also in Pittsburgh. I don’t think either are local to Pittsburgh though.

Butcher and the rye
Meat and Potatoes

Both good places in downtown but can be pricey. Quality food but you will need to customize to keep it keto friendly.

(Laura) #10

Burgatory is outstanding and you can easily get a great burger with no bun.

Pork and Beans is also good. I had the pork belly pastrami with collards. Yummy.

I don’t know what Primanti Bros has other than snadwiches with everything but the kitchen sink on them. There is enough stuff that you could forgo the bread and have enough to eat.

There is a restaurant at the corner of Sixth and Ft Duquesne that is low carb friendly. It is in the hotel and ends with Grill in the name. I am having a senior moment on the full name.

Enjoy your trip. Pittsburgh is lovely and it was 81 today. It did rain briefly and then the sun came back out.

(Laura) #11

Braddock’s is the name of the restaurant. I think it is the Renaissance Hotel.

(less is more, more or less) #12

… and research pays off handsomely. Courtesy of Stack’d in Oakland

(less is more, more or less) #13

The only restaurant I see in the Renaissance Hotel is “Braddock’s Rebellion.” Is that the one you’re thinking?

(Laura) #14

I think so. There may be more than one choice in the same place all starting with Braddock.

I also see a Braddock’s Brasserie and there is a Grill too. They may have different styles and price points. The Rebellion looks more expensive and may only be open for dinner.