Resistant Starch 101 — Everything You Need to Know

(Brian) #101

I would like to learn more about that. I’ve heard a few in the carnivore community kinda inching toward that idea but they usually aren’t all that interested in talking gut biome. (Maybe I’ve missed some YouTube videos that talk about just that.?)

I do tend to get bogged down with some of the reading and do much better absorbing a lecture or talk, which usually means YouTube.

Probably the biggest thing that prompts my curiosity is whether there could be a “reset” that could help with the food allergies in our household. It’s not that we want to go back to eating soy or Quorn, but I have wondered whether if we were able to do a reset of sorts, whether we’d lose the dramatic reactions to those two things in particular should we happen to get some of them (probably would happen by accident). If my wife gets any appreciable amount of soy, she’ll swell up the next day and look like she’s having a bee sting reaction. If I eat Quorn (fake meat), I’ll be puking for about 18 hours, and if not, will wish I could. Mostly, we’re good at avoiding… so far.

(bulkbiker) #102

I’m interested in why you would want to eat either though?

(Brian) #103

We are not wanting to eat any of it at all, ever. What happens on occasion, though, is us accidentally eating some of these things unaware until after the fact.

Lessening or even eliminating the worst of the reactions when there is an oopsie would be the desired end.