Resistant Starch 101 — Everything You Need to Know

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Interesting character. I hadn’t heard of him before. I just listened to his rundown on diets from vegan to carnivore on YouTube. I know it was totally just him giving his opinions but I did find what he had to say interesting.

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He has quite an interesting facebook group “100% carnivore and beyond” which is a fairly irreverent and rude place if you like that sort of thing. Because he has tried most ways of eating and ended up carnivore I find his take on things quite refreshing although sometimes he is a bit “out there”.

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Nothing anecdotal about optimal dieters all dying of same type of cancer (colon cancers), that is simply a fact that I would not ignore? If all your your eating for example is steak and pork constantly, that is nowhere near hunter gatherer variety or authentic Inuit diet and ignoring the science of mucus production needed in the lining of the gut looks more like a certain type of death?

We were talking about soluble fiber for the gut bugs! …lol

When your primary source of nutrition is high in and mainly consists of carbohydrates with too little protein and fat then I can understand why Vegans would get cancer!


A dosage of RS 3 basmati rice (refried) is only 1-2 tblsp. Considering that a whole cup/13 tblsp of cooked basmati is around 45g carbs, it works out to 3.6 carbs per tblsp.

Esp for those of us who frequently do OMAD and whose daily carb limits are 50g or more - adding such carbs is easy-peasy.

RS is a remedial dosage - not a cuisine etc. No heaping plates of fried rice, no way!


Yes, one can survive on ZC for sure - but my understanding is that this about addressing damage to the gut from years of sugar addiction and antibiotics - as well as from excess fermentation issues that some ZC people get after many years (6+) without veg fiber - due to microbial imbalance.

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Hmmm! I wonder if it is a resistant starch …made with vinegared rice and select fillings wrapped in a sheet of nori… I doubt it would harm keto as long at you didn’t eat too many! Sounds delicious!


The Inuit peoples did not have an all-meat intake actually - more like 90-95%. Apparently they gathered and ate seaweed, grasses, berries in spring/summer - and those items were also traded? I believe one of the white western guys who lived w/ the Inuit only did so in the winter - and completely missed the different summer treats.


Apparently maki sushi rice has a lower glycemic index than long grain white rice - but within the RS protocol, it’d have to be fried, in order to gain the benefits of RS in the large intestine. Otherwise it just becomes liquid starch in the stomach alas.


After all this RS talk, I’ve been realizing I’ve not had any in over a week and am looking forward to the brain boost. I usually get extra basmati rice with my lamb kebab takeout with which to make small chilled & fried rice RS dosages, but I ran out.

…Have never been inclined to go the potato starch route, too concentrated and not as tasty w/ curry sauce. But I do get in veg fiber most every day, which is apparently also helpful for the good bacteria recovery in the large intestine apparently.

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That looks delicious

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Seaweed reminds me of this stuff:

“…but if you were in a pinch, you could live on chlorella alone. … Chlorella, on the other hand, gives you everything you need to live. Chlorella contains ounce per ounce more protein than steak, 22 vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and more concentrated nucleic acids than any other food …” …More

If you could culture this stuff in water aquariums or hybrid variant thereof for long-term consumption you would have an endless supply of food during e.g. a famine, food shortage etc…

More protein than steak, wow!

“…Dr. Leon DeSeblo, who lived to be 107 years old spent weeks at a time eating only chlorella. …”


Chlorella is amazing - I used to supplement w/ it years back and still have some in a bottle lol. It’s important to get the good stuff from reputable GMP providers, and not the potentially adulterated stuff from China imho.

Cultivating it sure sounds like a good idea, thanks for the inspiration!

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Chlorella: A Nutrient-Rich Algae: the more I look at the research on this stuff it is almost like manna straight out of the biblical accounts:

Behold The Manna Machine: The Evidence: Chlorella as Modern Manna/The History Channel, USA, 2010

Almost looks like this thing:


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In that podcast, Grace Liu talks about the dangers of potato starch to the gut biota. Something she recommended once and then saw lots of damage from.


Also, that in her practice, if people are carbohydrate restricted, she will carb them up before taking poop for cultures. The carb restriction and the fiber mask your problems in your gut biota, being the reason why she does this.

Interesting podcast.


The gut biome hysteria is a joke. There is virtually no science on it beyond the benefits of restoring a ravaged microbiome.

Your gut microbiota respond to what you eat, it doesn’t drive it. Thats putting the cart before the horse. If you don’t eat a highly refined processed food diet your gut microbiota will naturally be fine.

we don’t have a requirement for fiber. Think about it, why would we NEED to eat something we can’t digest, that actually damages the colon as it moves through it? Why would we have developed to serve single celled organisms in our gut? How did cultures thrive in the absence of plant matter to eat? (Literally half the world, for half of the year, at least.)

we don’t have a requirement for expensive “probiotics” or even worse “prebiotics”. these are just schemes to make your wallet lighter.

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Dr. Mike suggests a thought experiment on Fiber.

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:rofl::rofl: are we back to the phallic topic?

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Oh no. Ok I’ll have to dial back my expectations on the rolls and perhaps move over to hibachi fried rice. There, all better now :sunglasses:

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The server there, we’re her regulars for about 8-9 years now, likes to joke that I look like I need a smoke afterwards, judging from the look on my face after I take my first bite of it.

Promethease showed me I’ve got lowered dopamine receptors SNPs, so if I feel that much pleasure and reward from that fattiest of the brisket cuts, I can imagine that’s what @Richard means when he goes NOICE the way he does. :joy::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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