Research Currently Underway at Stanford

(paddy0761) #1

Unsure if already posted. I’m watching now. Sounds interesting.

(Richard Morris) #2

I was hoping that someone from the ATOZ study followup would start talking about it.

I’m really looking forward to her research to find a molecular basis for why someone can get the benefits of a ketogenic diet from 60g of carbs, and some only get the benefits when they go below 20g or even lower. If we could tell from a 23&me report what our carb tolerance would be - that would be outstanding.

(paddy0761) #3

Yes. I’ve been doing this for long enough now that I have a feel for my own personal carb threshold. I reckon it’s about 60g of “total carbs” (I don’t do “net”) per day in a 7 hour window. I can flip in and out of ketosis on a dime. If I have a rare blowout to 150g of carbs, 12 hours fasted and I’m solidly back in ketosis. That sort of metabolic flexibility is very empowering. I can actually feel the change if I go over my limit. I suspect it has something to do with glycogen uptake in the muscles or fluid accumulation associated with glycogen storage. It sends a clear signal that “tomorrow” will be a fast day.


This is interesting, but seems to be missing the mitochondrial complexes, and defects/ variations that affect glycogen storage


I would like to piggyback on @richard message and add that I hope the information gained from this study not only provides us with a 23andme pattern we can access to understand our custom food personally, but I also hope we get better at understanding if there are geographical differences (ie. ancestral) patterns as well.