Remission of pre-diabetes to normal glucose tolerance in obese adults with high protein versus high carbohydrate diet: randomized control trial

(Marc) #1

Would prefer high fat to high protein, but at least they’re getting a little closer…

HC = high carbohydrate
HP = high protein

From the study:
“This is the first dietary intervention feeding study, to the best of our knowledge, to report 100% remission of pre-diabetes with a HP diet and significant improvement in metabolic parameters and anti-inflammatory effects compared with a HC diet at 6 months.”

“After 6 months on the HP diet, 100% of the subjects had remission of their pre-diabetes to normal glucose tolerance, whereas only 33.3% of subjects on the HC diet had remission of their pre-diabetes. The HP diet group exhibited significant improvement in (1) insulin sensitivity (p=0.001), (2) cardiovascular risk factors (p=0.04), (3) inflammatory cytokines (p=0.001), (4) oxidative stress (p=0.001), (5) increased percent lean body mass (p=0.001) compared with the HC diet at 6 months.”

(Derek I. Batting) #2

Do you have a link for this study?

(Marc) #4

Sorry about that.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

Still 40% carbs.

& more carbs than protein or fat.

(Marc) #7

Yes, you’re right. I should have noted that. It’s not a very good study but at least they’re headed in the right direction.

(Guardian of the bacon) #8

Their study, their rules I guess.

Would be nice to get some uniformity in what actually classifies a “high protein” or a “high fat” diet.

(Marc) #9

Yes, I agree. This is something that permeates all studies like this. Nevertheless, I found it interesting that the pre-diabetic subjects were found to be in remission by reducing their carbohydrates.
It’s refreshing that the role of carbohydrates in diabetes and obesity is being examined.

(Liz) #10

My favorite part is at the end where they agree that calorie reduction is for the birds. Haha.
I also found the Macro breakdown a bit discouraging. That’s hardly “low carb” … and I argue not even “high protein” BUT better than nothing.

(Marc) #11

I agree