Red Meat and Dairy Cause Inflammation


About two million years ago, humans experienced a genetic change that differentiated us from most primates. This change protected us from some diseases, but caused current consumer products, such as red meat, to pose a high risk to health.

At that time in evolution, a gene called CMAH - which allows the synthesis of a sugar called Neu5Gc - was deactivated. This carbohydrate is found in red meat, some fish and dairy products. If humans consume products derived from animals that have the gene, the body suffers an immune reaction to sugar, which is a foreign substance in the body. This can cause inflammation, arthritis and even cancer.

Happened to find this today while following another link. It frustrates me because my science education is non existent, it does underscore how complicated everything is and I have no way to verify if there is any validity to this

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If we became intolerant to red meat 2 million years ago, we’d be extinct.

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Andreas Eenfeldt to the rescue:

But beyond that, colorectal cancer is a sugar fiend. So, keto should be protective if you’re doing it right.

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This is a good example why reading the comments section is sometimes better than the main Article so make sure to read the comments :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While I love this comment, the reality is we were designed to live to reproduce, the aggregate of all the inflammation usually does not hit until after that has happened. If this gave an advantage in resisting certain pathogens, that would help us reproduce after that we are on our own


This comment put it in perspective in a way I never considered

George Henderson

The study was in Seventh Day Adventists, like a lot of these studies, they are the go-to vegetarian population, but they are not like the vegetarians and vegans you and I know.
They have a lot of other practices that should reduce disease risk, and the ones that are less strict vegetarians are either less strict in other ways, or have health needs or a social position that means they can’t avoid meat

Since I personally do not know any (or at least no one said they were) I have no idea how to interpret studies using them as subjects. My understanding from other posters on here is that vegetarianism is a Church sponsored agenda so the Church will facilitate these studies in some way but I have no actual knowledge

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My bet is that it all was performed within the context of Carb based nutrition. Basically irrelevant if you’re lipolytic and primarily secreting glucagon.

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Dr. Rosedale suggests that too much protein after about age 35-40 will affect mTOR in a bad way, since at that point most of us have stopped reproducing. He suggests limiting protein to about 0.6 g/kg after that age. On the other hand, Dr. Bikman feels that more protein can be beneficial.

So I guess we’ll have to wait for more data.

I like Dr. Ede’s take on the WHO study that condemned red meat as a carcinogen. She demolishes the committee’s reasoning and points to several hundred studies that suggest the opposite of the eight studies the committee relied on as evidence for its position.

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So, got in a Twitter “shouting” match about this. Someone posted their father had rheumatoid arthritis. So, I recommended keto or possibly carnivore.

Multiple people came up with the “red meat causes inflammation” rubric. So, I said I basically eat red meat (true, assuming red meat = beef or maybe pork, though I do eat chicken too), and I listed off many of my blood and other results indicating that if anything I have low amounts of “inflammation”.

The answer: YOU might be OK, but others are not.

I disagree with this, at least from the black swan idea: If your theory is that every swan is white, as soon as you find ONE black swan, your theory is wrong.

So, many people believe that red meat = inflammation, but no one can tell me why.

Also, “red meat” is a tricky concept. A lot of times, this is poorly defined.

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Some research that may form a hypothesis?

[1] “…When humans consume red meat and milk products, we incorporate some of this compound into our own tissues, especially tissues that grow at a fast pace such as fetuses, epithelial and endothelial tissue, and tumors. (6) The concern is that most of us also have anti-Neu5Gc antibodies circulating in our blood, and some researchers have suggested that these antibodies react with the Neu5Gc in our tissues to create chronic inflammation, leading to chronic diseases such as cancer. …” …Does Red Meat Cause Inflammation?

[2] “…Consistent with AICR/WCRF cancer prevention recommendations, the current findings suggest that dietary intakes of red and processed meats may be associated with adverse health effects such as cancer through an inflammatory pathway in some population groups. The current data suggest that the amount of excess body weight or the degree of adiposity mediates the association between dietary red and processed meat intake and levels of obesity-related serum inflammatory markers. …” …Dietary Red and Processed Meat Intake and Markers of Adiposity and Inflammation: The Multiethnic Cohort Study