Recommended Keto/Carb tracking app for UK-based user




I started keto last week and am struggling to find a good app to help me log my food intake. I am a longtime user of MyFitnessPal but am finding none of the keto apps I download have UK foods/restaurants and it’s getting really tedious.

I mainly tried Senza but I genuinely hate it :smile: not user friendly at all!

Any tips from UK users would be greatly appreciated!

(Carl Keller) #2

Quite a few folks here use this. It’s got a pretty large database and you can customize your own recipes which makes logging less repetitive.


Thank you!


I like Lifesum. I’m in the US but have found quite a few of their articles come from the UK. Looking at reviews from UK-based organizations, it appears Lifesum shows up as a recommendation, as well.

It does offer several Keto-based plans among others. I like the interface better than others I’ve tried.

(Susan) #5

Welcome to the forum, Saskia =).


Thank you!