Recipe for the Chipotle mayo?

(Bob M) #1

Anyone know if there is a recipe for the chipotle mayo they served with the fried chicken? My wife really likes a chipotle mayo from the store, which of course has soybean oil in it. Every time we have tried to recreate this, it doesn’t come out right.

The chipotle mayo at Ketofest 2022 was great. If there is a recipe for it, I’d like to have it.

(Joey) #2

The easiest way to make a nice chipotle mayo is to start with your non-seed oil mayo (home made or store-bought), and simply add some Chalula hot sauce or Siracha to taste.

My experience with store-bought chipotle mayo (specifically avocado oil-based, i.e., without seed oils) has been hit or miss in terms of taste and usefulness. I bought one brand online and returned it (Amazon actually said just keep the crap, which I promptly threw out). Another brand I tried was really quite good, but really pricey and I just couldn’t justify more than $10 for a jar so I gave up on that one.

I use avocado-based mayo for all kinds of things (burgers, salmon/tuna salad, turkey) and when I want to add some “kick” I just add hot sauce to taste. You can also add some finely chopped mini-sweet-peppers for some texture and fancy-looking cuisine.

(Bob M) #3

Thanks, but neither of these is made with chipotle. That’s the issue. And every time I’ve tried to recreate it, from scratch, it does not taste right. The actual “chipotle” liquid causes the ratios to be off.

I might have to try something like this:

I like this, as it uses mayo + sour cream. Unfortunately, it does not list measurements at all.

I should note that mayo mayo-like sauces are very infrequent treats for me. I rarely use them. So, I’d make this only when I make the fried chicken recipe that Carl did. That’s it. (My wife might eat it more, though.) That’s another part of my issue: I’d use this so rarely, that I have to have a recipe; otherwise, I don’t remember how to make it.

(Joey) #4

Sorry, I guess I use chalula and similar hot pepper sauces so regularly (e.g., in my salads along with olive oil/vinegar) that I’m used to it as my “go to” hot flavor. I can’t really taste much difference between this and chipotle-based flavors. Happy hunting!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

I can understand where Bob is coming from, though like you I’m not all that sensitive to the varieties of flavour. Not only is regular Cholula not made from jalapeños, the peppers it’s made from aren’t smoked. I think it’s probably the smoking that gives chipotles their distinctive flavour. That and the fact that they are not smoked until ripe, whereas most jalapeños on the market are picked green.

(Joey) #6

Another day, another learning adventure.
Hot sauce. You burn - you learn. Thanks!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7

I once made chili from a recipe in Robert Carrier’s cookbook (one of them, anyway). The recipe called for chili powder, not powdered chili peppers, but guess who saw the warning too late? Our dinner guests gamely tried to eat the chili, until I fixed us all something else. I froze that batch and made four other batches, with a spoonful or two of the original batch as the spice. Those subsequent batches turned out just right, nicely hot but not tongue-destroying, lol!

I also ordered a vindaloo once, thinking I was tough enough to take it. Boy, was I wrong! My ex had to finish it for me, swapping his curry for my vindaloo.

My hypothesis is that, at that level of spiciness, subtleties of flavour become irrelevant, lol! :grin:

(Joey) #8

Perhaps a reason for becoming your ex. :smirk:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

Nah, he loved it! But I learned my lesson, lol! (And interestingly, I could tolerate wasabi that he couldn’t choke down. Go figure!)

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

I get it. I can eat vinaloo just fine. So I thought I could handle wasabi, nope not at all.

(Wendy) #11

Boy I really miss good old fashioned “Best Foods” mayonnaise. But now that I know the ingredients. Just can bring myself to buying and consuming all those seed oils!! Have tried the Primal kitchen brand and the Chosen foods classic mayo. Made with Avocado oil! Yuck tastes like stale mayo.
Have tried to make mayo. But failed. Still looking for a recipe that works and tastes decent. If anyone has a proven recipe please share!!