Recent Anti-Keto Paper; Zoe Harcombe's Response

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Uploading a PDF of a paper published last month, by a plant-based diet group of course, dissing keto… and a website response to it by Zoe Harcombe. Thought some would find it interesting.

The paper:
Ketogenic_Diets_and_Chronic_Disease_Weighing_the_B.pdf (315.9 KB)

Zoe’s review:

(I have a PDF but forum says it’s too large to upload.)

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Our ‘vegan friends’ at Physicians Committee for Irresponsible Pseudo Medicine are at it again.

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Thanks for posting - I hadn’t read Hartcomb’s response.


However, findings from a recent trial by Hall et al. suggest that a low-fat vegan diet (10% energy from fat) may be more effective than a ketogenic diet in suppressing appetite.

I’d have to agree, eating 30lbs of kale to get that 50 cals in will definitely fill you up :rofl:


The Executive Summary she posts at the start is so well written.

I thought there would be more data on brain tumour treatment benefits.

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Look for the work of Thomas Seyfried, a cancer researcher who feels that a ketogenic diet can be a useful part of treating tumors.

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Anytime a doctor gets ahold of some definition on a ”keto diet” they look for holes, weaknesses, etc. They blow it up to seek attention or sell a book, many other anti- keto people do this as well.

Ketosis is your bodies natural state. Any diet promoting ketosis is a ketogenic diet, even vegetarian.

Every anti keto person out there lacks discipline, needs to indulge, alcoholism, etc. There’s always some kind of outlining psychological issue. Doctors are no exception.