Receiving Multiple Unwanted Summary Emails

(Craig Rice) #41

This is happening to me also. I have changed setting several times but still get emails several times a day.


This happening to me as well. It’s really frequent - every few hours. Please stop it

(Christina) #43

I’m also getting 4 to 5 a day and I’ve unchecked every possible preference. I’ve had to mark it as spam!

(Tom) #44

Me too :frowning:
I was set at weekly emails but have had them daily for the last week or so and 2-3 times a day for the last few days. Just logged in to check my settings and have moved to fortnightly updates. Will see if that achieves anything.

(Jan) #45

Unsubscribed last week, saved the settings multiple times now, but the reminders still get sent to my e-mail account.

It also appears I’m receiving them a lot more. Already had about 3 or 4 summary mails today. Before this was once per week/month if I remember correctly.
Apparently, something is wrong/broken with the mailing system.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #46

Have you noticed if the contents of the emails started out old and now are getting more up do date? Is it behaving in a similar way to the notifications?

I know this is frustrating for everyone. We are working on it. I’m hoping the time delay between changing settings and emails stopping is the same issue as the time delay receiving notifications, in which case it should be over soon. If there has never been a time delay then it would seem to be a different issue. Knowing that might help us solve the problem.

(Ginger's KetoInThe.UK) #47

exactly same issue here. I started receiving the emails again a week ago or so after being unsubscribed for a year. I checked my email preferences, reunsubscribed, still getting daily emails


I have started putting them as spam in my email and that wont even stop them. How fo I delete my account??


I have unchecked every possible box to STOP ALL EMAILS…and already today I have received 3 email “updates”. PLEASE delete my account. I will refrain from creating another one. So sad.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #50

Any admin can delete your account for you. Would you like that?

(Chris - #51

Guys, if it persists just set up a filter in your email account to send the messages to trash. Sorry it’s happening but you’ve got to take some action too if the forum is continuing. You can also unwatch the threads manually but that may prove more difficult.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #52



Thank you Paul. I would greatly appreciate you deleting my account. Best to you!

(Jason Blik) #54

Admins - I hope you’re seeing this feedback as an attempt to make the site better. We don’t want to delete our profiles - because having a profile is not the issue - something on the server is. We want others to use this site and we don’t want them to be turned off by these emails.

These are the emails I received. Changed from “weekly” to "bi-weekly on Friday. Unsubscribed all on Sunday.

Thanks for all you do! Hopefully a solution can be found!


Last week when I began receiving multiple notification emails, I changed my settings to every 2 weeks. I still get several emails daily. Woke up to 3 this morning after clearing my inbox last night. I just delete them, but it would be nice if the notifications went back to how they were before.

(Charlene) #56

Received 4 already today and it’s early in the am. Will this be fixed soon?

(Chris - #57

For Gmail. Select the messages, hit the 3 dots above and pick “Filter messages like these” from the list. After that, check the criteria and hit the button for “Create Filter”. Next, choose “Delete” or which ever option you prefer, and apply the all existing messages at the bottom, and click the last blue button on the bottom right.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #58

Thank you @Dread1840

(Ivy) #59

I’ve tried changing the frequency of delivery and disabled it altogether and I’m still getting daily emails, sometimes more than once a day. @carl @richard any pointers?

(Chris - #60

There’s already a thread about this. (this was posted prior to the two threads being merged, thanks @Ruina)

If you check your email provider online, there should be a way to filter all messages even temporarily until it sorts itself out. See my response here.

Also, damn millenials.