Really? Toes

(Karen) #1

I must have had fat toes. Dropped another 0.5 lb and my toes are wrinkled. I need a tummy lift for my toes. :joy::joy::joy:


(Jane) #2

Woo hoo on the 0.5 lb!!!

“skinny toes” :laughing:

(Karen) #3

Skinny any part and I’m happy :wink::wink:

(Trisha) #4

Haha. That’s funny. You’ll create a new plastic surgery trend … A toe tuck.

(Lorraine) #5

Don’t be surprised if they plump back up. I keep seeing skinnier and wrinklier parts and then a few weeks later, they seem to firm back up. Not that they fill out, but maybe the skin shrinks around them? I’m hoping that’s what’s happening anyway! Good job!

(karen) #6

And earlobes! When did I get wrinkled earlobes. I feel like Yoda.


I Have magnificent legs. ( can’t find a smilley to put here) They must be 0% Body fat, pure muscle and veins. The rest of my body will follow my legs example, come on body get in tune. Affirmation.