Re-feeding lessons learned



Curious to learn about any strategies that have worked for you regarding re-feeding after an extended fast.

I made the mistake once and attended a birthday feast after a one week fast. Boy, did I pay for it!!! :toilet: :fearful: :cloud_lightning: I didn’t know re-feeding process was necessary to get the gut going again.

This time, after a 33 day extended fast, I started with a small spinach salad, and an hour later had some bacon and eggs. My gut coped very well with that introduction.

Any lessons learned someone would like to share?

(Guardian of the bacon) #2


Go Slow, Don’t binge eat. Always a good idea to keep a toilet handy for 24 hours after a fast…u just never know…

(Charmaine) #3

My usual go to for breaking an extended fast is bacon and egg drop soup made with bone broth. I tend to have something high fat after a fast.