Raw meat, frozen meat, nutrition and parasites (Toxoplasmosis)


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No, we love your opinion. Strewman or not, I like others peoples opinions as well, the humor is fun.

So, trying to do a bit of a risk assesment for myself, living in the middle of Europe.
I cound’t find it in a list that orders cause of deadh, the persentile is below o.o1. its in the noise. There are at leased 50 groups causes of death that are more dangerous to me. Thats why it is not on my radar.
Roughly estimated, if I classify myself as a healty male, 50yrs old. Only 1 in 50.000.000 would die from toxoplasmosis. The risk of being infected by it for myself is 100%, there is no way I can avoid that. That does not mean that i’m a carrier, but could be.

I fully agree with you, better to avoid than to be exposed. If following your gut feeling makes you happy, go for it.

The elephant in the room, talk about a real killer, the SAD diet.
Metabolic syndrome. In the list the leading causes of death world-wide by far nr1.
4 years years ago my personal risk assesment told me that I needed to wake up, even smoking was safer than my diet i was eating. Thats how I ended up in the keto zone.
Yep food does scare me, but its junkfood, proccesed food, not raw food (meat and plants alike).

Is there an easy test for toxoplasmosis?
It would be cool to know if the little critters are part of my life.


I think there is a serum antibody test done in standard pregnancy screening and work ups.



ewwww, yea I have seen those shows also. They are truly scary what things people can get and so hard to diagnosis also. Yes the ‘greens’ do have a big shot at contamination for sure. You know when people get ‘a little sicky feeling’ after eating, most times it is some form of small food poisoning situation from something they ate, not saying plants or meat, but our food can nail us alot of times.

too funny!
:skull: the word sounds like that but I am truly a :innocent:
Fangs is just cause I like to eat meat on my zero carb plan :crazy_face: but yea, it does have a twang of being ominous to it :relaxed:

Oh I know that, please don’t think I am thinking that cause I am not at all :slight_smile: I am saying that the veg carry just as much troubles.

Thing is it is in vegetables and more cause what this specific thing we are chatting is not only ‘raw uncooked meat’ at all:

from the 'net:

Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii.

It can affect birds, rodents, farm animals and cats and spread to humans.


  • Eating raw or undercooked meat containing parasitic cysts

  • Contaminated water

  • Cat feces: soil or litter in contact with cat feces may contain the parasite, so it is important to wash thoroughly after cleaning a cat’s litter box and gardening

  • Unpasteurized milk or its products, especially goat’s milk

  • Eating raw, unwashed fruits or vegetables which have been in contact with contaminated soil

  • Eating food that has been in contact with contaminated kitchen utensils

  • Pregnant women can pass it on to unborn fetuses through the placenta (congenital toxoplasmosis)

  • Transmission through organ transplant or blood transfusion can occur but is extremely rare

-----------To me the parasite thing is not one sided at all obvy and those pesky suckers can be lurking anywhere at any time ya know. I definitely never thought personally this was anti meat chat at all :sunny:

if we are talking meat only then I say if you like to eat raw then do that. You wanna cook it then do it. In the end, with me being a farmer and having barn cats, and rodents and more in my fields, when I harvested our crops you would not believe what I ate raw out of the fields :slight_smile: I have just as much chance of getting this infection from that lifestyle too and so does any gardener. But if talking risks with meats, then it is just falling down to a personal call on it. There are some that only eat raw and do well and then you have people who would never eat raw anything, then ya got the raw veg people out there so?? Am I missing something extra that you want to put about eating ‘raw meat’ and its risks that all foods eaten raw or ?? don’t carry in truths?

anything with the word parasitic attached to it I wanna avoid LOL, not liking that word infection either!


you know tho when ya read up on symptoms and info says alot of people never knew they have it or get little to no symptoms, is it a ‘healthy immune system’ or is it cause the parasitic infection was a ‘low dose’ so their body handled it well? Or would that same person on a high intake of parasitic infection then be compromised worse and more to be truly in any med dangers?

from the net: Infections with toxoplasmosis usually cause no obvious symptoms in adults. Occasionally, people may have a few weeks or months of mild, flu-like illness such as muscle aches and tender lymph nodes. In a small number of people, eye problems may develop. In those with a weak immune system, severe symptoms such as seizures and poor coordination may occur.

So ya know when you think about it, even a ‘healthy immune system’ person could be running around with an undiagnosed heart condition or some other ‘med issue’ lurking they do not know about and ‘this is when a healthy person is taken down by something very fast’ ya know.

Like you hear your neighbor passed from something like tetanus and you are thinking, tetanus killed them? It doesn’t kill? Right? but then you hear that it can cause extreme breathing troubles and then you learn the person had some form of COPD type issues in their lives that they never really dealt with to being a real medical issue.

So yea, little old parasites and more can knock down a healthy person fast, casue how healthy is everyone truly? I guess that boils down to the person and lifestyle and ‘chance?’ ya ain’t got nothing lurking you don’t know about.