Raw frozen meat?

(Marius the butter craving dude) #1

I live in the city, I must buy meat from supermarket.
Latly I have been reading Aajonus works, he claims that frozen meat also looses a lot of it s nutrition.
Than is attempting raw even worth it? I can not get freshly killed meat.
Tomorrow I want to try some supermarked minced meat.

(Susan) #2

Just buy what you can, it will be fine. Many people buy frozen meats, and canned meats. You will be able to still do your Keto with frozen or canned meats and fish.

(Elizabeth Stern) #3

Eat what you like and can afford. You’ll be ahead of 99% of people just by eating meat :wink:


I’m a farmer and raise more than half the meat I eat. (we buy the rest from our neighbor, lol) It’s not possible to not freeze a cow. A family of four can’t eat that much beef fast enough. And a full size pig is huge.

Frozen.that’s just reality. Also, for safety, all pork should be frozen for three days before eating. The chicken - okay, here I’m lazy. I’d rather process the broiler flock all at once than kill one every time I wanted chicken for dinner.

(Susan) #5

When we had all the kids at home, we used to buy half a cow once a year, and store it all in the freezer. It was from a farmer friend and his cattle were all grain fed.


i’m not sure that’s true, but I have tended to really only prefer fresh meat and nicer cuts. However, I found frozen burger patties at Costco, Kirkland Signature (73% lean/ 27% fat,) that are not only really affordable, but also delicious. It makes it easy to eat burgers as you can just grab however many patties from the freezer and not worry about them going bad. The high fat ratio also helps with quick satiation. I do not freeze fresh steaks, but I love this brand of frozen patties.

(Full Metal Keto) #7

I have never noticed any deleterious effects freezing has on meat, unless you forget it too long and it isn’t vacuum packed. Sounds a little nit picky to me. Don’t let perfection get in the way of good.


(Full Metal Keto) #8

I hope you aren’t planning to eat raw mince from the store, that can be pretty risky for various food born bacteria as fecal matter is present in ground meat and on the surface of poultry that’s been commercially processsed in a meat processing and packing plant. You are trusting the cleanliness of their machinery.