Rattle your pitchforks and say #yes2meat

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“Bad” is in the eye of the beholder. If one’s desire is more that extra ruminants be tended versus having people be free from the conscription, then one will say it’s a good thing. If the group perception was that there was a demonstrable, compelling need for it, then there would be something like a military draft (or other selection process) within the group. As things are now, we’re quite a ways from that.

Somewhat related to that - eventually, population pressure on our planet will substantially sway what is considered okay and not okay, even within groups as large as countries. Overall, I see this as quite an unfortunate thing.

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Feeding a growing population requires animal agriculture, and more people are urban (id est, disconnected from what needs to be done to feed them) than ever before, which renders animal agriculture on the scale and with the distributed nature required increasingly unlikely without a draught or even having it as a voluntary thing that’s moderately heavily advertised to high school dropouts and able-bodied people who are on disability (I’m both, for what it’s worth).

I wouldn’t mind being pulled away for one to five days a month (as long as I knew which day(s) it was) to (be taught to) tend a local farmer’s animals.

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How pervasive do you think that feeling is, Ellenor? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, certainly - we’re more urban all the time. We’ve got rationing by price, i.e. meat - especially certain cuts of meat - is priced beyond what many can afford. I see this continuing and affecting many more people.

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Being able bodied and completely unemployable due to being a HS dropout and having the autism is not a fun feeling.

Letting people become disconnected from what needs to be done to feed them is part, but not all, of the cause of the current obesity epidemic. The rest, of course, is the price rationing of and anti-promotion of meat.

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What are we to do then - enslave people and force them to do what they don’t want to do, in the name of bettering their health? I do feel bad for the many young people who can’t be expected to realize what’s going on, as they don’t get enough exercise and eat way too much processed food and carbohydrates.

I have no doubt, and I’m sorry. You’ve lost over 95 lbs., which is quite an achievement. This is a thing you did, that makes you happier, no?

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Dude. I lost enough weight to have to drink cream and have to overeat by feels like 35-40% to feel normal. It’s weird as all get-out.

To be clear: conscription in my proposal would be used as a last resort (if the food production system fails).

If my bones hurt when I drink cream, does that mean I should not drink cream?

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Hard for me to associate hurting bones with drinking cream. :slightly_smiling_face: I could be wrong…

If the food production system fails then we’d see many serious changes - I think most bets would be off at that time. Tending animals (in order to eat) would be looking good to a lot more people then.

I’m not saying that gloom and doom is upon us, unless one is in a part of the world where gloom already is in place or taking over, but the rate of change during my lifetime alone is amazing. “Interesting times,” as they say.


People’s bodies never work exactly the same way. Which makes me know healthy eating becomes subjective. My body would never be healthy if I followed this pie chart’s nutritional rules. My innate hormone disorder makes me react to food differently than most people in a hypersensitive way.


Thanks to dig up this thread… Oh my that food pie chart :smiley: It’s quite hilarious and makes no sense, purely impossible for a normal person I am sure.

I don’t start with the carbs. Or continue…

7g pork :smiley: I remember my 1000g days - and it’s not even so much meat in carnivore circles… I actually eat little meat, my average is maybe… IDK, 300g pork a day? Sounds perfect to me. It would be better to eat more so I am working on it…

Oh I can do that fish. I basically don’t eat fish. So 28g sounds doable.

0.2 egg? I do 6-14, just perfect.

7g beef :smiley: I basically don’t eat beef as I can’t afford it (and love pork and turkey more anyway) but even I eat way more. That’s only 210g per month, that’s less than a small bowl of beef stew!

And cabbage isn’t dark green. It’s light green, okay fresh stuff is darker outside. Kale is dark green. I dislike dark green vegs esp. leafy greens so I just skipped them even as a vegetarian…

It’s very obvious to me that we humans are different. I for one am a hedonist who hates and can’t use force-feeding. So I eat whatever I fancy, basically though my health consciousness actually has some impact on my desires.

And anyway. You can’t expect a petite inactive girl eating the same amount of stuff as a super active giant muscular man and while not that seriously, normal (not big or very muscular or super active) people have huge differences too. These numbers make zero sense because of that as well.

It would be fun to see that food in a plate. Okay, of course they don’t expect us to eat 7g beef/mutton, they except us to eat a bit per month or a proper amount more rarely. But still.

QUARTER of a rasher of bacon :smiley: Lol.

Not like 300g vegetable wasn’t an impossibly tiny amount for me…
I can do <20g on my carnivore-ish. I can’t do 300g. If I mean business, that’s 1-2 kg… But telling me the COLORS to use… What if I want 1000g white and 300g deep purple? (Cauli rice and a fried eggplant, mmm.)

Humorous. I never followed rules if I could get away with it (or if it was important. it’s about my health and well-being so I am very serious about it) but it was interesting. And a bit saddening.

Hey it’s even below the extremely stupid “only 2 eggs a week” thing! Or 2 eggs a day, still never followed it, I needed way more all my life… I probably ate more eggs in my pasta on many days on high-carb… I was big on pasta but turned it I am only big on eggs as I quit without problems. Our pasta is very eggy and I liked to add more eggs…

NO ONE can take my precious eggs from me. (And if I need to go lower, I inevitably add pork.)

I probably would survive, it surely wouldn’t be really healthy but I would have the really big problems mentally and emotioanlly, I guess. I can’t guess the macros well but it’s too low-protein and low-fat for me. And the ratios are crazy, of course. Wait, it means carbs would be the majority of my fuel…? Oh. My. Room 101. I would get homicidal urges and I am a huge pacifist.
(Hell, I would be absolutely miserable if someone would swap my pork with beef! I like beef but I love pork waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. And NO ONE can touch my eggs as I already wrote.)

Why am I reading such things and even react to them? I should go and draw frogs now. (It’s a competition.)

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