Rattle your pitchforks and say #yes2meat

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Sure, but are the ones who stay still living a comfortable life? I know I’d rather have a lower personal income on an annual basis if that means we’re looking after the less-fortunate in society via a working safety net. (I know this is not how it generally works in the US, but it is here, and I’m just saying that I’ll take the hit to help others. I also think Bernie isn’t much of a planner, he just likes popular ideas without details.)

Capitalism lets us keep our own tips.

How about we just pay a living wage, build it into the cost of doing business, and do away with tipping?

but look at that ‘Poverty Line’ again - $25,750. Not all that far from $32,400

Yeah, it is. it’s a MASSIVE difference if all you can earn is $25K.

and $32,400 puts one in the top 1% of world income .

Yes, but world averages are irrelevant when you’re trapped into an expensive cost structure.

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I can attest to that being true - I AM controlled by a woman’s emotions - my wife’s :joy:

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Not brave enough to tag her, either :slight_smile:

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ummmmm - I don’t think I have permission to do that :wink:

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So somebody’s starting an “Autophagy and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle” thread? :smile: I’d say they are related!

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EAT Diet Recommends A Fudge Pop Tart’s Worth of Sugar/Day?

One would think from the report’s language that its recommendations are all about eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, but in fact, EAT advises:

—Only 3% of calories from vegetables. Add the “potatoes/cassava” category, and the total creeps up to 5%

—Only 5% of calories from fruit

This does not appear to be a “more fruits and vegetables” report.

Rather, EAT promotes 8 teaspoons of sugar a day, which is about the equivalent of a fudge pop tart.

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Nina Teicholz is great. :sunglasses:

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If I missed this discussion, apologies and please merge but it was the second story on BBC news today and the recommendation …

well a quarter of an egg a day, a burger a week, 200g of fruit and veg today and of course 250g of whole grains a day. Now if you ask me that would barely fill me up in one meal … never mind over a full day if not used to eating.

Of course this EAT has all the usual corporate sponsors … the usual names like Kelloggs and the report presented with no qualification at all form people in our sphere.

This is the vegan lobby taking control and we HAVE to fight it

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I have just seen this and I have to admit I do worry about certain aspects of it.
I follow a Keto Diet and feel incredibly healthy. I have a number of friends who are discovering the health benefits. BUT if everyone adopted a Keto Diet would the world be able to sustain it? There are obviously huge environmental issues.

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Maybe we support the vegan community so we can eat their share of the animal protein and fats😁

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There are no environmental issues with properly raised grass fed and well kept animals who are not stuffed with grains to fatten them up

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Oh ffs just listened to Radio 5 who had Walter Willet on emphasise he was from Harvard of course, his cover.

However on it he claimed this diet was the med diet of 50 years ago ! That’s the luecrepeated from guess what ??? The seven countries studies !!! I have been to the med so many times and none of their meals are Vegan in any way shape or form !

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I agree but this isnt an option for everyone.


Agree! The group is well-funded, founded by three well-funded non-profits, supported by the corporate food industry. We need to fight this!

Yes, there is a on-going thread on this topic:

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OMG some of this stuff surely counts as medical negligence.


The environmental issues concerning food production (usually against meat production) is, in my opinion, a canard to get people to quit eating meat and has nothing to do with saving the planet. Yes, Keto is sustainable. As more people eat this way, the market will shift to produce these products.

Currently in the US, we are subsidizing the production of tremendous amounts of soybeans and corn, which is then used, among others things, in the production of soybean oil and high-fructose corn syrup used in many processed foods. These are unhealthy products that are contributing to the rise in chronic diseases. To me, this is what is not sustainable.

I just cannot accept that eating healthy foods is not sustainable, even if the whole world decides to do Keto. I don’t believe it. I have faith in human ingenuity to find a way to do it and to deal with any environmental issues.

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What’s unsustainable is the effects of these dietary guidelines. There’s a prediction that world insulin production won’t be able to keep up with exploding numbers of diabetics in 10 years.

Meanwhile Dr. Westman talks about getting patients off insulin and other medications in no more than 7 weeks with his Keto plan.

What people always seem to not think about is that human ingenuity is the most powerful resource on Earth. Time after time, humanity has faced environmental problems or shortages and figured out ways around them .

The history of the human race is a history of using that ingenuity to improvise, adapt, and overcome. It’s not a smooth continuum but things get better. In the long term, that’s always true.

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Nina Teicholz just linked to this on twitter… very very interesting and he has the mantle of Keys apparently…
Probably with exactly the same quality of studies!

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spot on dAve but the real anti meat green argument is about the methane emissions … but as Peter Ballestrard (sorry spelt his name said) this is made worse because they are being fed feeds on grains to fatten them up. As we know as humans (and I do) the more cars I eat the more I fart, funny when mainly fat, I do not fart !