Rant at TED TEDx

(Eric) #1

I used to love TED and TEDx presentations. But now I see them as stories light on science and big on fluff. After consuming so many podcasts and youtube videos about Keto and related topics I have come to a place that is is best to just leave the TED videos alone.

For example https://youtu.be/f6rSuJ2YheQ Starving Cancer Away

The presenter talks about the Warburg effect and the possibilities of starving cancer. Good so far. Then goes on to talk about other signaling pathways she “wants” to research, and then ends with her declaration she wants to starve cancer. But she doesn’t talk about how to starve cancer or any reearch she has done. Show me the science!

Just watch any presentation by Dr. Angela Poff like https://youtu.be/FVphPQjRNbw Dr. Angela Poff - Exploiting Cancer Metabolism with Ketosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen and you will hear about real research results, what may be possible and why some of the successes might be occurring.

(Regina) #2

I’ve had a similar reaction. The titles promise more than the presentations deliver.