Raeann Sparks


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Raeann, talks about how she has battled for years with lipedema which led to osteoarthritis and her in a wheelchair. 

Raeann  Sparks,  BFA,  BEd  is a  Teacher  and  Certified  Keto Coach.

She first discovered Ketosis in 1972 when the Atkins Diet for Teens allowed her to overcome her stage one Lipedema to become a Lifeguard, Swim Coach and Professional Actor. But Lipedema fought back. Stage two drove her backstage to teach acting and direct her own Theatre School. In spite of low calorie diets, Lipedema then forced her out the stage door and into a city bus to drive and train bus drivers. Still struggling to outrun stage three Lipedema, Raeann eventually collapsed into a wheelchair with early osteoarthritis.

Diabetic, obese, and judged too fat for knee replacement, Raeann desperately googled “lumpy legs” and finally identified her foe, Lipedema. And, with the help of Dr Catherine Seo at LipedemaProject.org she rediscovered her old, familiar, Excalibur, the Ketogenic Way of Eating! 

Once again, ketosis is overcoming Raeann’s Lipedema, and saving her mobility and health, by reversing her diabetes, obesity, and metabolic impairment. Now strong, mobile, mentally clear and energetic again, Raeann has traded her wheelchair for a bicycle and is finally leaving Lipedema behind in the dust!  This is why she is so passionate about Keto Coaching others to achieve their own victories over Lipedema  and its complications using the Ketogenic Way of Eating. 

Raeann has completed the Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic  Nutrition  and  Treatment  with The Nutrition Network, an affiliate of The  Noakes Foundation. She works with Lipedema-Simplified.org coaching women on how to live their best lives with Lipedema, Lymphedema, and Lipo-Lymphedema. If you suspect that you may have Lipedema, you can book a free consultation with Raeann, or her fellow coaches, at Lipedema-Simplified.org


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