Quinoa. Any substitutes for it? Chia seeds, maybe?


I’ve been craving this casserole I used to make with quinoa, goat cheese and thyme.
I think it’s mostly the goat cheese and thyme flavors that I miss, with the texture of the quinoa/egg/ricotta. I’d like to attempt it w/o the sweet potatoes, but I’m wondering if there’s a sub for quinoa.

Has anyone tried putting chia seeds in place of quinoa? Maybe flax seeds?

(Alex ) #2

Cauliflower Rice for me would be the closest keto substitute…

(bulkbiker) #3

Ground beef?

(Full Metal Keto) #4

Small cubes of cooked daikon radish. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Karen) #5

All good substitutes. Chia seeds Are a bit high in carbohydrates, and lectins