Quiet progress

(Brian) #1

Just reached my first milestone.

Started out about 6 weeks ago at 285 pounds.

Today, I’m at 261.

My first goal was to get back down to 262, where I was when I broke a leg 2.5 years ago. I think my next goal will be 245, just below the lowest weight I ever recorded on our Wii, which we got maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Seems like a reasonable goal for a next step. :slight_smile:

I’m in no particular hurry. It took me the last 16 years to go from the 190’s to the 280’s. I’m just doing the KCKO thing. Feeling good. Clothes are getting looser. Haven’t had any blood tests but I suspect better sugar / insulin and cholesterol levels than in years. Life is good. :slight_smile:


I like your minigoal approach. Keep it up!

(Brian) #3

Thanks, Todd!

I kinda wanted some steps along the way to feel like I’ve accomplished specific small goals on the way to the ultimate weight area I want to be. 100 pounds feels huge. 20 pounds, it feels like I can do that.

I know things are changing. Went out to supper tonight with some friends. They were very inquisitive about my new diet but weren’t at all judgemental. And I ate very well. It was a buffet. I kinda liked that because I could pick and choose. Had a big salad, some veggies and some chicken. It was a little lean on the protein and maybe a little lean on the fat, but I stayed away from the starchy stuff and the sugar, too. Having been to the same restaurant before starting keto, I know how I used to feel afterward. I had felt like food coma had set in and was miserable after eating there. Tonight, I noticed that although I felt full (my body told me very clearly when it was time to stop eating) and would not have wanted to eat any more, I was not uncomfortable at all. I was not foggy. I was not sleepy. This is definitely new, and I like it. :slight_smile:


My goal is always the next “9” (259, 249, 239…) I agree that it’s easier to break down the larger goal this way.