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I don’t care about carnivore results then :slight_smile: I am very very pleased with my carni-ish with off days (I need to improve them but I like the direction) and it’s not like I have any chance or willingness to do proper carnivore. Each to their own.

Mushrooms aren’t plants, it’s a basic fact… It has absolutely nothing to do with carnivore, it’s classification. To a carnivore diet, it’s not in animal kingdom so it’s out but it’s not a plant.

Fungus is one of the eukaryotic kingdoms, there are 5 of those (but the number changed a lot in the past. even I learned poor mushrooms as plants, it’s insane! they don’t photosynthesize, they have chitin, they are clearly not plants).
There are not only animals and plants, there are a lot of groups. There are even living things outside of the eukaryotes, of course, like bacteria and they have their own domain, not even a mere kingdom :smiley: At least I’ve read that, one can never be sure, I never could learn this classification well enough but hopefully they won’t change it much more in my future…

I think carnivores only eat from one kingdom intentionally - and obviously can’t avoid bacteria but that’s normal and we even need some of them…

Vegetables aren’t anywhere in the classification, that’s a kitchen term. I am not even sure what belongs to that group, it’s not important for me at all.


cool and never saying being a keto type very low carb plant eater is wrong if it suits you :slight_smile:

a mushroom will never be an animal LOL
that is all I was saying :wink:


Tomatoes are often very sweet… (Okay, very sweet to me, normally sweet for normal folks.)
Normal tomatoes are just a bit (and I prefer the sour ones) but it seems, people wanted really sweet tomatoes and made it.
Peas are quite sweet too, I never understood why people cook it with a lot of sugar, I had to use lots of salt to make the sweetness bearable for a not-dessert…
It was in my high-carb, sugar-filled past, now it’s over the sweetness I tolerate from a vegetable, it’s the same with carrots but they were always too sweet for me alone.
Not like I eat vegetables except a few grams here and there… But those aren’t really sweet most of the time.

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So, what was your actual question? I may have missed it somewhere in your post.

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Hey guys, so I’m now on day 3, Monday for lunch was bacon and egg, with left over chicken and pork for tea, Tuesday wasbacon and omelette for lunch and belly draft for e evening, Wednesday bacon n egg n cheese(finished pack of bacon off),

Apart from double cream in tea/coffee iv had nothing else, but I notice my blood sugars r higher then normal? Am I doing something wrong?? Yesterday was a bit of a hard day as my right eye retinopathy seemed to pop and get very worse (due investigative checks Friday) , I’m having hba1c bloods on Friday, but I’m curious to y my bloods would be higher when going almost zero carb?

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When are you measuring your blood glucose levels?

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It wasn’t really a question, just a quizzical observation. I suppose if you’re trying to lose weight and eating sub-2000 kcal per day, 1:1 per gram ratio works OK. The more above 2000 you eat, however, the more protein you will have to eat to maintain the 1:1 ratio. That’s fine if you’re trying to increase lean mass and/or sustain a large existing muscle mass. But protein is expensive calories so at some point one is going to decide that cheaper fat calories are the way to go. Then up goes the ratio. My first and unsuccessful foray into keto eating several years prior to my current effort failed primarily because I was eating expensive protein calories. I just couldn’t maintain that level of food expense so gave it up. In my experience at 2500+ kcal per day ‘adequate protein’ means less than equal fat intake per gram.

All that said, I see the point of advising newbies to eat 1:1 to keep it simple at first.

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A few hours after eating, can be random times

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I just have to say I truly love your concise and precise feedback. Truly! Right up my alley and to the point!

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Just have to say your stats are impressive! Something to aspire to at 76! Amazing! I’ve been trying to help my dad who is your age (very different stats) mainly to help with his diabetes but getting him off breads has been impossible. Man loves to bake. Just wanted to give you a shout-out as that’s really awesome!

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Thank you, @Finishingtouches. I’ve been fortunate metabolically speaking all my life - good genetics I presume. I ate standard SAD for pretty much all my life until the age of 71 and never had any problems from it. I gained a bit of weight during the decade of my 60s but lost it quickly and easily when I started keto. I was able to abandon all my fave carb foods cold turkey and never looked back. Didn’t miss anything and still don’t. I also realize that I am not typical. Lots of folks find the transition difficult. RE your dad, if someone doesn’t see for himself that what he’s doing is not a good place to go, you will not convince him otherwise. Still, I wish you success in your efforts.

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Thanks, great to hear someone does!

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I’m thinking “belly draft” is beer? Alcohol will get metabolized before anything else. It could have left your blood sugar a little higher than usual? Someone may correct me on this.

Also, you still need to keep up electrolytes on carnivore . It’s not the same thing but when my husband slacks in taking his salt and doesn’t drink enough, he gets optical migraines. So, keep up the salt and make sure you are drinking enough. Maybe that will help with your eye trouble.

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@VirginiaEdie I think belly draft = sliced pork belly? :smile:

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Ah. I see “draft” and think beer. Lol.

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Lol thank u for the response, I haven’t drunk beer or spirits in such a long time, belly draft is pork belly slices, its the name I known it as from a young age, seems it got changed sumwere

My eye is full or floating strands, and with sum blurr, the nurse thinks it’s the jelly detached from back of eye, will know more later today hopefully

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I had those floaters in my eye. After I waited a month to see the eye doctor, he said floaters are perfectly normal, but most people don’t even notice that they have them. It is a good idea to get them checked though.

Dr. Berg (in a YouTube video) recommended MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) eyedrops, but I couldn’t find them online or at pharmacies.

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Hey @islandlight nah these aren’t normal, iv had floaters come and go, these are now with me continually 3 days now, I’m due there soon so hopefully find out what’s going on

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Good luck, hope all is okay.

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Get checked. I had what I thought was a floater that didn’t move. It turned out to be vision loss from glaucoma.