Questions for Jason Fung and Megan Ramos

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Correct. Thank you, I’ve read that before. I guess I just like hearing/learning more and more information as I battle through this.

(Sondra johnson) #42

This was the best podcast I have heard. Great job.

(Chris) #43

Did you know that an anagram of FUNG and RAMOS is … Fun Orgasm

Probably shouldn’t have posted this but it made me laugh :slight_smile:

Anyone else think Dr. Fung is kinda hot?
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Well, yes, but he also seems totally ok with fats added to coffee (during a fast), so…


Of course if you add so much butter that you’re “eating” your coffee, all bets are off :grin:

(Richard Morris) #47

I shouldn’t have Heart’ed that… I really shouldn’t have.

(Chris) #48

Well, thank god the internet saves everything forever.

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I did😈

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You are not the only one who hearted it. Was the funniest thing on the internet the day it was posted IMHO.

(Gracie) #51

It’s great to see a doc contributing here. I would love to have access to a list of keto/IMF friendly primary doctors in the USA. I’m in the Boston/New England area. Thank you.

(KCKO, KCFO) #52

You might try a search here:


@collaroygal Thank you for that link.

(Chris) #54

How far are folks willing to travel from home for a lot doc usually? I ask because most are 3+ hours away. I haven’t been to a doc in years so I’m debating my options internally.


Yes, that’s a good point. This March I had my first checkup in twenty years and only because my spouse was worried about my woe. Assuming I decide to get a follow up in another twenty years it’s good to know there’s a doc who’s keto-friendly I can go to. Plus, I have a link I can forward to anyone who mentions they’re looking for alternative medical options.

(Chris) #56

You have my attention…

(Khara) #57

Thanks for the link. Hopefully we will see this list grow. I’ve done searches over the years and usually come up short. It seems most of the LC doctors in my previous searches and near-ish to me on this list work at weight loss clinics or skin clinics or are chiropractors. I’m really looking forward to the day when just regular GP’s support Keto. I’d like to be able to just go to the doctor for whatever throughout the year and not have to worry about my diet being questioned and having the doctor latch on to it as a cause of my problem without considering anything else.

(Stefanie sidwell) #58

I have 2 questions:

How long to fast to reset metabolism? I am hypothyroid and cant get a direct answer on whether fasting is ok with thyroid problems or not. If my levels are stable is it ok? I am curious about the metabolism reset because I went ketogenic and havent really lost any weight, wondering if a reset would balance some things out.

Also, is it good to do an extended fast after a (kidney stone retrieval) surgery to clear out the effects of anesthesia and all the other awful stuff they pump into you? If so, how soon after.

(Lucrecia) #59

I travel 2 hours, so 4 in total, to see my Doc. She’s worth every mile.

(Nanci O'Connell) #60

I have just fasted for 40 hours (from dinner Sunday night to lunch Tuesday - because it fit into my schedule) now I want to feast but of course my stomachs isn’t letting me. Ate a small lunch and full. Is it ok to eat again in an hour or two? I know snacking is not great but was thinking that I would eat in a small window, like 4 hours, then fast again for another 36 to 48 hours. How do I feast in that small window?
I have plateaued for a while and started gaining so I want to add IF to get past it. My work schedule makes it hard to fast for longer periods, I’m in sales and often have lunch meetings.