Question: weight loss - HOT


We just got back from vacation (Crater Lake and Lave Beds). We ate a little more carbs than normal. Now getting back into full Keto. My husband is losing the weight he gained. Last night it was like sleeping with Rocky. He was tossing and turning. Throwing his covers on me. I woke this morning with my arm and fingers asleep. I finally just got up, there was no sleeping in. He told me this morning that he is HOT. (The AC was down to 72). So could losing weight cause you to be HOT?

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I sweat like crazy every time after I eat since being on Keto, and all through the night profusely… it is not just Menopause or hormones because I have been menopausal for a couple of years (stopped periods cold turkey Dec 2016) so it is definitely Keto.

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Apparently, yes. Watch both of Bikman’s videos in sequence included here. They are two years apart and the second follows up on the first so you need to be aware of the content of the first to understand fully the second.

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There are various mechanisms involved, but the simple answer is yes. Just as the body responds to insufficient calories by cutting back and holding onto its reserves, it responds to caloric abundance by revving up and using the energy to promote healing and growth. Fat tissue can even waste energy by burning extra fat. Who knew?

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So wait. I have to be hot and sweaty when I’m fat and hot and sweaty when I’m thin? This seems unfair. :rofl:


In August I was fasting a fair amount (not long fasts - mostly 24- and 48-hour fasts) and the first day that I ate throughout the day (and probably much more total food than in the previous few weeks) I was really hot at night. I had the distinct feeling that my motor was just running at a higher speed. My Oura ring confirmed the rise in temperature.