Question: sugar in this bacon - should i be worried?

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Ready Crisp Fully Cooked Natural Bacon Slices
Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Cultured Celery Extract, Spice, Smoke.

These are pre-cooked bacon slices. I am curious about these because sometimes I need a grab-and-go meal. Are these okay for carnivore? I know they aren’t fully clean but should I avoid these? Thanks!

PS: Additional question: how strict do I have to be on carnivore to see health benefits/fat loss? Thanks

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We have an amazing search feature here that will help with many questions, it’s rare to find something that hasn’t been discussed at great length.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if this bacon would be different since it’s precoooked but I’ll take a look! Thx!


No, there’s never enough to matter in them.

The health benefits come from not eating garbage, fat loss comes from burning off more than you’re stockpiling. Doesn’t matter whether it’s carni, keto, low carb or even high carb. Formulate your WOE to what is best for you, and you’re able to stick with. Your daily menu doesn’t have to fit into a cookiecutter.


I would say it’s up to you… I try to avoid added sugar but if it’s too hard, I don’t care if I eat <1g in a week or something… :smiley: I eat WAY more animal sugar, okay, they aren’t the same for me but still… And I experienced that my body can handle some sugar, even plant carbs, even added sugar (I just really try to avoid that, so unnecessary!) - just not very much. While keeping myself from almost carni items making my life better and easier would be stressful, worse than a tiiiiny sugar. Mental health is an important part of health too :wink:

Fat-loss doesn’t necessarily have much to do with it though it may help…

I got benefits when I got near to carnivore. Even if I didn’t do it perfectly, even if I strayed a lot (okay, that surely didn’t help but I mean I STILL had benefits). But it’s quite individual. Even 100% carnivore may be bad for you if you use the wrong items or macros (which may be perfect for someone else). For example, I am fine with even milk while many people should stay away from most or all dairy. (I couldn’t do it without dairy. I don’t need much but zero ruins the variety I need and anyway, you can pry sour cream from my cold dead hands.) And of course, carnivore isn’t for everyone.

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If these are Maple Leaf brand, it seems they have less than a gram of sugar per 18 gr serving or 3 slices - so almost a negligle impact on carbs.

Now, this is just me, but I have recently gotten on a kick about pre-cooked meats because of my blood pressure. A recent poster here blamed pre-buttered and popped popcorn for making his cholesterol go crazy. Just this week I ate 1/2 lb of pre-cooked wild shrimp with buttered broccoli for dinner after a coconut fat bomb and a protein smoothie. The next morning my blood pressure was 128/82. I have been noting this because as I have gotten older it has become more of an issue and am doing keto to get it down. However, my research shows that although fresh meats have no oxidized cholesterol, processed meats are among the worst for oxidized cholesterol. Precooked meats are among them. Sugar is going to glycate the cholesterol some, which makes it all the more prone to oxidation. So, that day I pulled out my frozen pork tenderloin carefully sealed in air tight packaging. Cooked it up in butter-herb sauce at only 300 F for over an hour. Again, buttered broccoli side dish. The next morning my BP was 107/68… whoa… So now, next time I am going to eat that pre-cooked shrimp, I will check my BP before and after, and my guess is I will get a similar result. I will have to move back to raw, unpeeled shrimp I am sure. What I have found is that I will have to cook my meats as fresh as possible, and if I freeze them, they need to be well packed or vacuum packed. Could the prebuttered and popped popcorn cause this? Yes. Heating up that butter enough to pop popcorn and then packaging it so it is all exposed to air will oxidize the cholesterol in the butter. This happens more with the more polyunsaturated fat a meat has. Just a word of caution for those who have concerns about CVD.

I do not do carnivore style keto, and eat up to and past 50 gr/carb/day. I generally get awesome results, including fat loss and awesome BP and blood panels, although I have begun paying more attention to oxLDL.


You eat no plants. Simple as that.

Most carnivores eat regular ol’ bacon from the store. Even pre-cooked. If you do well on it, have at it. Do not ever buy any jacked up product, like Maple Flavor bacon etc.

Depending on who you are and coming into ZC, weight loss and heal benefits like rebalancing hormones, gut changes, repair of damaged metabolism and more work side by side so weight loss as one ‘heals and repairs’ for some might not be as fast as one would like.

Key to the whole lifestyle of carnivore—eat the meat/seafood fish and fowl you enjoy and let the weight loss and healing take care of themselves, and they will.

So how strict, #1, no plants included. Ever. Do that, you are on the Carnivore Plan and you will see how you do and what benefits come your way. Time is key also in that at least 3 mos. to see how you are changing, but mostly it takes about 6 mos. to find yourself on this plan in best form. Good luck


Well it would be quite bad if it would be anywhere close to 1 gram for 18g bacon, that’s an awfully big amount percentage wise! It would render it inedible for people like me who just hate sweet meat… And if someone doesn’t eat bacon in small amounts, carbs may add up too if they are too high.
No idea how much sugar a bacon has, one should be look it up if it matters for them. I checked a few labels online, it seems we have 0 and 2% carbs bacon alike (the former has no added sugar at all, I didn’t know that was a thing), no idea if there are higher numbers but 2% sounds quite high already (it says 0.5% sugar but sometimes it’s weird what they call “sugar” and looking at the ingredients list, I just don’t believe them). But one tastes it and the sweetness is revealed.

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Most homemade bacon recipes include sugar or honey. Originally, bacon was the result of preserving pork. My recipe: put your pork cuts of choice in a big box with lots of salt. Nothing else. After a few weeks you can take out the meat and slice it, good if you have a sharp knife. Here in Thailand I keep it at the back of the fridge during the curing process.

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I wouldn’t eat it:

  1. It’s been processed
  2. It has sugar in it
  3. I wonder what the hell cultured celery extract actually is
  4. There are 3 non-strict carnivore ingredients in it (sugar, celery, spice)
  5. There are fine real food carnivore alternatives: buy some proper bacon and cook it!

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I always have it on hand for emergency rations. That’s it.

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Here, I’ve cooked some for you…

It’s actually for today’s road trip to Sydney. Cook it up, stick in ziplock bag, store in car, eat.

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I’ve found some cooking bacon that had ~5g carbs in it recently. Not buying it again, that’s for sure! One of the rare times I didn’t check the nutritional label… Always check the labels!

(not sure if these images will embed)


It hasn’t so much sugar for a bacon, unfortunately processed meats often have more than that (though I have found one in my country with 0.0g…) - but what is with that fat and protein content? Not like a leanish stuff couldn’t be good but bacon is usually quite fatty…
And why does it have fiber…?

I tell this to myself often but I forget it sometimes in our very long and tiring shopping trips… But one need to be careful nowadays, indeed.


that didn’t say 5 g carbs when I read the label on it.
carbs 1.1 and from sugars less than .05
did I miss that but heck each country has diff. labeling on their meats where in the USA if it is trace and under xyz number it shows as 0 but some countries will put in the actual carb count but I am still not seeing 5g carb on that label?

one thing I don’t like seeing is ‘maple syrup powder’ in that ingredient list and we carnivores always recommend don’t be buying some sugar jacked up bacon ever :slight_smile: Just reg. ol’ bacon without any add’l flavoring in the ingredient list.

my label:

Your label is saying brown sugar, white sugar and maple syrup powder which is a big indicator to not buy it for me personally.

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Most American pork is also fed Ractopamine. The Chinese own a large portion of American pork, and they feed them Ractopamine, while it is ironically banned in China.

If you have a local store owned by Kroger, they sell an uncured bacon you can get without sugar. It is produced in Canada. It is their Simple Truth brand.

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I make my own bacon and my original recipe called for brown sugar and maple syrup but since going carnivore I’ve eliminated the sugars.


Thanks for sharing the feed additive name and info. As far as I can tell there is a ractopamine turkey feed in Australia and the Australian pork industry wanted to follow the Canadians and US producers with the additive. But the Australian beef is ractopamine-free. These are just more reasons to not include too much pork or poultry in one’s diet. Well, at least, not without looking into what the animals are fed.