Question re carnivore

(Pat) #1

I was wondering about the carnivore woe wouldn’t that be too much protein? Or is that woe where you go when you’ve finally got healthy and don’t need to be in ketosis? Just curious

(Allie) #3

Protein does not stop ketosis. Gluconeogenesis is demand driven so only happens when absolutely necessary for survival.

(Pat) #4

How much meat can one eat in a day? I suppose if fat is consumed as well as meat you wouldn’t be eating too much.

(Allie) #5

Depends how hungry you are as the idea is to eat until satisfied.


Why would it be? You can eat fat too.

It was a special day for me but yesterday I ate (guesstimation, obviously can’t be accurate) 73g protein only. I would eat way more on a plant-based day!

I can eat much and love protein (fat too) but I never managed to eat insanely much protein, my body just stops wanting it when it’s high but not bad yet and if I ate too little at that point, I desire fat way more. If I eat too fatty, I desire protein more, it gets balanced out :slight_smile:

Fortunately the right amount of protein for us isn’t a single number or tiny range. We have wriggle room :slight_smile: Even the occasional very high protein don’t do harm for many of us. I go over 4g/kg for LBM sometimes, it feels great. It is merely wasteful - unless I badly need the nutrients from meat at that point. I definitely have very meaty days though I try to make them subtler now.
The problems start over 3.3g/kg, @PaulL always writes that, he has the infos related that single number (and zillion other infos I don’t know) but my average never was that high, it’s impossible for me. Maybe if I was forced to eat too lean meat all the time… But my body would scream for fat still. I rarely hear about people accidentally eating too much protein to handle. But it happens with some. Eat fattier meat then.


It’s individual, obviously. Some people eat 1 pound, others 2 or 3 or 4. It’s pretty rare to eat 8, that takes someone with a huge energy need I imagine :smiley: But it was done before, of course. It’s only 8 pounds :smiley: Even if I eat less in a week… But I don’t need very much food and I don’t eat much meat at all. I couldn’t even afford 2 pounds! (I ate more but I overate on that day. Of course it’s not much at all for many others, it depends on the circumstances and the fattiness of the meat.)

(Pat) #8

Very interesting reading thanks for the link



(Wendy) #11

Like Dr Ken Berry says. Eat till your pleasantly stuffed.
I do intermittent fasting. At noon I find myself eating as much as I can. And not being hungry for dinner. So lately I’ve been eating 1 meal a day.

(Alec) #12

I am carnivore, what do I eat…

Typical lunch: pork belly with crème freche and cheese sauce
Typical dinner: steak, eggs, grated cheese, sour cream
Typical breakfast: not hungry
Typical snacks: not hungry

Some might say not enough calories, but I have about 250,000 spare calories around my middle, and my body seems quite content to chew through some of that rather than insist on more intake.

Am I worried about too much protein? Nope. Do I count macros? Nope? Do I feel the healthiest I have been for many years? You betcha! :smile:

Do I ever get sick of eating bacon, eggs, steak, pork belly, lamb, chicken, cheese, crème freche? Not yet.



(Pat) #14

I think I was confused about carnivore, it’s not just meat it’s eggs and cheese etc., anyway I was just curious, I think I could be carnivore and I’m going to try it. I think I’m almost there but I do have veggies and salad but not a lot.


if not off these you won’t truly understand what or how your body ‘functions’ off these so if ya give it a ‘real try’ and drop all plant intake, fake sweeteners and more and give it a hardcore whirl into carnivore, only then ya know you on this plan.

guessing don’t work as much as we all would love it too :slight_smile:

I was right on that doorstep and once I leaped ALL IN I found me, some can easily go back to a more extreme lc menu but some find carnivore is where they must be for best health but unless ya do it, commit and try ya never really know?

just kinda like one step in the grave kinda thinking…one step down into the grave is dead but one step from the grave doesn’t show ya what it is like in that grave I guess HAHA

commit and try and you will be fine if ya do. you find yourself coming here then something is telling ya to try it for ‘real’ and give it a go…very easy to step back into a little this or that veg ya like, but since zc is an elimination menu to the ultimate, when ya step back if you do you learn if what you do eat then works with ya or against you. good info to learn about ourselves. Time on a big elimination menu like zc shows us all so much on that step back if we keep our bodies signals front and center and learn from just that :sunny:


There are so many benefits to eating carnivore. If you suffer from joint pain, as I do, this woe eliminates the insoluable oxylates that were causing me so much agony.
If you are an emotional or stress eater- as I - this woe teaches one to eat intuitively rather than habitually or impulsively.
So, when I just concentrate on a nice fatty ribeye or 2 or 3 - with butter, I can typically go 1-2-3 dys without feeling hungry. If I don’t feel hungry, then I don’t eat. I do drink plenty of water and homemade electrolytes/salt.
From that, my body learned to adjust to burning fat as its fuel. That is what leads to weight loss and lost inches.
It absolutely the most brilliant sense of freedom, not craving sweets or carbs.


If you feel the need for vegs, you still can do something close to carnivore. It’s very individual what is our ideal woe at the moment. But if you think you can skip them, try it.
I was a HUGE veggie lover just before carnivore, I spent 25g net carbs on them a day and considered it minimal… And I started to talk with carnivores and I don’t know how but I suddenly changed and lost interest in most vegs, not even like most of them anymore (not wanting them is one thing, not finding them tasty is another. I only had this with vegetables and certain things containing starch, most old carby favs of mine is still very delicious to me). But just because I like some, I don’t need to eat them. They are for emergencies when I can’t stomach my normal food and need a tiny variety.
I don’t miss veggie dishes (I just feel nostalgic, very rarely but it’s not a craving or need) and I couldn’t imagine I ever can live without them before. So try it without vegs, maybe it will be easier than you think. And it may give you huge benefits. Keto isn’t enough for many of us.
And if you are sure you can’t do carnivore for long, it’s still may be very useful to try for a while. Things may change quickly but even shorter times like I did in the past years can be loads better than not trying it at all. I even did very proper carnivore and dairy-less and whatever I could for a little while to try it out :slight_smile: I know that trying out new things can be very useful and I very nearly never can tell before I do it what my body will say to it and how my desires and needs will change. So don’t try to predict what would happen on carnivore, you probably can’t make an educated guess without trying it. Of course, even on carnivore, even just for you, various things may happen, I need my very own style or I get bored or queasy or miserable. I don’t say that I quit then as I just don’t have a stable off woe anymore. I loved my old low-carb, it worked for years but now I need a quite different woe. We change.

More people should try “extreme” things… They easily could get surprises and benefits. And if it doesn’t work, not much harm done unless they do something very unhealthy for them.

(Pat) #19

Thanks for all your information and links it makes for very interesting reading. I try to eat natural and healthy I don’t eat any processed food and I try to keep the carbs really low. Yesterday I had 3% carbs 67% fat and 30% protein. 1412 calories.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #20

That’s a good start. To keep carnivore simple and stress free, just do two things: Only eat it if it came from an animal and keep the carbs under 20. Do that for a month and make note of what improves. If you feel better, keep going. If you don’t, tweak whatever you are inspired to tweak and then keep going. If you fall off the wagon, get back on and keep going. You’re doing great!


this does not apply to carnivore ever.

that is like a Keto plan or if one does a personal low carb plan.

ON carnivore any carbs you eat, say ALL shrimp and eggs or liver in a day and it adds up over 20g of ‘animal carbs’ it means 0…nothing, nada.

So just saying for ZC this is not an appropriate statement.

For carnivore, we eat 0 plants, and if one is on another plan then that ‘20g or less’ carbs comes into play and how ya get them is that person’s choice on that plan…but carbs from ANY animal source only means nothing on zc.

Zero Carb ‘plan name’ back in the day did not ‘mean zero carbs’ from an animal food source, cause there can be some, what it meant was NO carbs from plant sources ever. the new adopted name now of carnivore is just that also.

(Bob M) #22

Let’s get realistic, though. Many “carnivores” still drink coffee and/or tea. Some don’t, but many do. Some might even eat herbs.

What do you call those people?