Question re carnivore

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True! I drink coffee every day and use lots of spice when cooking meat.
Maybe I am a Coffeevore.

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Repeat of post deleted by mistake:

This is addressed by Amber O’Hearn’s famous blog post, linked many times on these forums. There is no perfect name, and the point of Amber’s post is that the carnivore diet is what the consensus of people who eat that way says it is. (I hope I am not doing Amber a disservice by this summary.) If you think drinking coffee is not really carnivore, how about “carnivore-adjacent”?

I remember reading an article where the author made some remark to the effect that carnivores make an exception for medicines—which are pretty much all plant-based—and joked that perhaps coffee and tea (real or herbal) should be considered part of that category. I suspect that someone who is doing a carnivore diet to avoid significant health problems from phytochemicals will probably also be avoiding coffee and tea, however—and for the same reason.

Gary Taubes points out, by the way, that there are people who eat vegan keto for the same reason that others are carnivore: namely, it’s not a religion, it’s just that they become unhealthy if they eat any other way. Let those of us who can cope with a bit more variety in our diets not make those people’s burdens any heavier.

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The neighbor’s carnivore cat has been taking the catnip I planted medicinally. You wanna tell her or shall I?

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“Hello, everybody; my name is Jennyanydots, and I am a catnipaholic.” (sob!)

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Seven other cats, in unison: “Hello, Jennyanydots.”


oops, sorry ctv, I didn’t mean to direct this at you :slight_smile: I hit reply on your post but I just wanted to chat carnivore in general on the thread and your post made me think to write this but not directly at ya! I do not know how to take a name off a post and can’t seem to figure out how to do that on an edit.

there is strict carnivore and being a purist in ANY eating plan.

a slightly relaxed carnivore allows coffee and some herbs/spices if they do well on them, they may eat some regular ol’ store bought mayo that has seed oil but remember one thing…this is NOT your food. This is a very small portion sized condiment on food. I am not a coffee drinker but I think it has like 1 carb in it? not sure on that, never checked. tea I believe is considered 0 carb or has like 1 also?

but real life is real life and people are friggin’ addicted to coffee point blank LOL and some ain’t gonna give it up for nothing.

most ‘newer’ carnivores hold hers/spices til that day they just literally start to hate the taste and dump them if they stay longer on plan.

plus key being, we never count carbs. yes some might to track and just see what is in their meat/seafood fish and fowl choices for the day but there is never a carb issue from any animal proteins involved in carnivore,

we don’t eat plants. we don’t count carbs ever or put any kind of carb limit on us from animal proteins and we do not partake of sugar (or fake sweetener tastes) on this plan.

but then ya got the crazy carnivores who believe fungus of a mushroom is like an animal and eat them, omg and then ya got the honey in tea people who say honey is animal cause it is made by an animal LOL but those to other carnivores are truly not doing the plan correctly, but heck in the end, who can carnivore police the world, the internet and what other’s eat…I know I can’t :crazy_face::space_invader:, but what one can do is put out correct information on the plan when discussed so people do understand what this plan is all about.


I never care about that on carnivore. Okay, I never managed to go beyond either :slight_smile: But it’s possible and probably will do that one day. I was very close several times.
Animal sugar is never like plant sugar to my body, as far as I can tell…


They call them carnivores, I call them carnivores. Even if they have tiny amount of condiments with sugar. I am super tolerant like that :smiley: If they eat honey, they aren’t carnivore though.

In my own case, my woe is carnivore-ish at best. So I easily fit into it even with my teas and mustard and whatever, even my stews and eggs in purgatory (I eat way less plant matter in those than the average person).
And probably even I have significantly less plant matter in my diet than carnivore animals…
There are pure carnivore humans who ONLY eat animal products but that’s a bit much and unnecessary for others. And amounts do matter. The focus is on animal products, very much. NO veggie dishes at all, for example, not even a little, that would be ketovore…? But a tiny mustard (there are sugar free ones) on the sausage…? It’s carnivore enough to me not bothering what others call themselves. But for me I am more strict as I was a vegetarian for long and I clearly couldn’t call myself one in the years when I ate meat 3 times. That’s very strict, vegetarianism, a drop of meat and it’s out - unless if it’s very accidental, IMO, worm in the cherry… :smiley: I still call them vegetarians if they avoid what they should to call them one, apart from this tiny thing.

I accept there are other definitions, well there are, people can’t agree on a single thing… The basics (only animals… and bacteria, of course as they are inevitable) are clear but it sounds logical to include the masses who adds an insignificantly tiny amount of some plants or maybe fungi to compliment the meat. Not just alone for fun, that’s not a carnivore thing to do (that’s why I couldn’t be a carnivore, I love to eat a rosehip or a sorrel leaf here and there :smiley: well fruit and veg is already out if it’s not a condiment I guess. I like my own carnivore-ish definition).


Oh I didn’t think about that… But I almost never have any medicine either… But sure, that must be an exception.

My coffee is clearly not medical… :smiley: (Wow, it’s day #6 that I quit? Why I couldn’t do it before when it’s so super easy now? Maybe I had to wait until time was ripe…)
Or my tea. I don’t drink herbal tea, just real ones. And sometimes fruity ones but not my wild cherry one with lots of raisins, that doesn’t even fit into my carnivore-ish… And it’s too sweet anyway, probably. I don’t remember but found some in a jar. I have so many more or less old stuff…

Main thing we should know what rules are good for us and use them. And… Don’t mislabel ourselves epically. That causes problems. Did I ever say I dislike self-proclaimed meat-eating “vegans”? I kinda do. (And then no wonder people give meat to vegetarians like I was, they get confused.)

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For me, a cheese fetish makes it a little hard not to but a severe histamine intolerance has put the brakes on future excesses.

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I really don’t care about fitting neatly into a label. I’ve never fit neatly into any other category. If I absolutely must use a label that is 100% factual, it’s coffyspicyvore.


cheese is carnivore but man made and how well we do on ‘dairy man made’ is just that for each of us but cheese and its products are not plant so…

we find truths that work for us and never against us in a zc all animal lifestyle.

no one was out hunting with a spear for ‘cheese’ on a hunt so one has to remember true basics of just what carnivore is for each of us…in that it means how well ya do on what animal intake to this more modern time.


I so get that. Some never have it truly give it a blinking thought in their lives…

but some MUST BE the strictest and purist of what it takes for us and if those are more relaxed and do fine, more power to them to enjoy something they love in life and can have more, but carnivore in its entirety as a plan heals and cures SO many that need just that.

this is what sets those that need no diff on labels and one who must adhere for health factors.

Keto Plan…those many ‘require and most be under’ 20g plant carbs.
An LC person must be around 30-40g for them?

yea some must fit and have no choice when we find health and wish, truly wish we don’t have to fall into ‘a label’ but that label IS OUR health and future.

just a chat on it as I see it

if you got coffy/spicy/vore more power to ya!!!

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Likewise, I don’t need a label as I just do me and what works for me.


I can eat much sour cream or cream (they balloon my calories without satiating me well so I try to be modest). 14 eggs has 7g carbs too (okay that was once but 8-10 isn’t rare)… But that never was a problem. 19g carbs felt just like 3g to me as long as it came from animals. I couldn’t test ~20g carbs keto with much plants and at this point, I probably won’t.


There are different ideas. Low-carb typically means 150-160g here, it’s for people with diabetes if you ask doctors. Very, very typical.

And we low-carbers do whatever float our boat. I did <80g net as higher wasn’t good enough for me. Then I went lower.
<40g is keto to me. Whatever brings ketosis, <10g total or 100g net, that’s keto in my eyes for that person. <20g is a good one in general but I saw 30g and even 50g (it’s the most common in Hungary as far as I can tell, we have barely any ketoers here, it seems) despite it doesn’t work for most of us.

So “low-carb” says very little as everyone think about something else there. Some people have weird ideas about “carbs” too… “I don’t eat ANY carbs” people can be anything, even people living on mostly sugar (but that’s fruit and they don’t think that is carbs).

So labels and words are kinda important, to some extent… We are humans, we shouldn’t be too strict usually as it causes more problems than good - but there are limits. And sometimes things are strict, it can’t be helped.

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You haven’t seen me during a Stilton craving.

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Thank you for those kind words!



yea see me hunting at the meat aisle! people truly have to back off for me when I hit that area…I go all in predator!

------------Tho guys it isn’t in general what eating plan suits ya, it is always just getting the correct info out on a specific eating plan. Everyone is gonna do what they want but when I read mis-info on carnivore I correct it.
Hey someone’s gotta do it! Keep the plan info correct and let people know what it is all about, then after that, hey do whatever works for you.