Question on Ketones and Diet

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Is it possible to eat enough fat to produce ketones (urinary strips) despite eating a lot of carbs? I’m always a bit surprised to fine purple despite knowing I had a cheat day(s) previous. Just wondering if the liver throws out ketones when it has too much fat incoming.

Which kinda leads to my next question on whether a keto diet of mainly heavy cream, eggs, cheese, butter, is particularly a good idea? It’s great for ketosis, I don’t eat fish or meat, will eat some vegetables. It’s easy to stick to and I have mag and potassium supplements, as well as salting everything…just hard to know if I’m setting myself up for nutritional issues down the line.

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Not really. Unless the “lot of carbs” is an amount lower than your carbohydrate threshold, your insulin response is going to halt ketogenesis and cause the fat and excess carbohydrate to be stored. If you are still observing ketones in your urine, then they are most likely left over from ketone production (unless, as mentioned, you didn’t eat enough carbohydrate to cause insulin to rise too high). Bear in mind, also, that ketones in your urine and breath are being excreted and are not available for use.

You need to be getting enough protein, with all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions, in order to thrive. That said, eggs are good, so you ought to be okay. Plant proteins are tricky, because first, the number given for protein is crude protein (total nitrogen content), not usable protein (amino acids). Second, in any food, if the essential amino acids are not present in the correct proportions, then the availability of the protein is limited. The amino acid profile of beef is matched perfectly to our needs, eggs come very close, and so do other animal foods. Plant proteins must be combined carefully to provide the maximum of available protein.

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So anything that provokes insulin is going to stop ketogenesis, got it thank you : ) I think that’s where the weight gain came from, nibbling a sugary dark chocolate all day long during the covid years.

Yeah the eggs I get are locally produced, free range, definitely great quality.

Thanks for the answers, now I just need to make sure my carb threshold stays below that insulin line. And my protein stays above its line.


I would check the nutrients, maybe something is missing that way you didn’t think about… The protein is fine as long as you eat enough eggs and cheese, you get lots of nutrients too but probably not all…? I couldn’t do it without meat, it feels safer anyway nutrition wise… When I did vegetarian keto, I had oily seeds as well, didn’t notice any particular problems but I ate too much carbs to get benefits except fat adaptation. But that is individual.

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And do know that while eggs are a really good ratio of protein and fat, a single egg only has about six grams of protein. Honestly if that were your only source of protein you could need a dozen a day or more.


Indeed. My minimal protein intake (my target too) is 22 eggs worth of protein. I probably would have a hard time with that. A dozen is fine. Eggs can add up super quickly, they are drinkable too…
But cheese were mentioned as well. Some of us can eat plenty of cheese.
Still tricky (especially with a higher protein intake) but if one can do it…
I couldn’t, hence my up to 150g oily seeds a day on my vegetarian low-carb and keto… Of course vegs bring some as well… And the heavy focus on complete animal protein made worrying about the amino acid profile unnecessary.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing! :grin::grin:

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Lol I don’t think I could eat that many. Only so many ways to cook an egg.

Five eggs + 100g cheddar = around 60g protein which I think is correct for my macros, maybe a bit under. I thought 3 eggs would be enough for some reason, but I used to throw in a lot of the fake meat products and add those to my carb count.

Thanks for the replies, was a good idea to check protein goals.


Ketones are produced due to a lack of carbs, not because of eating fat. You can eat all the fat you want, if you eat a lot of carbs they’re not coming.