Question for females about ovulation


I had lost about 5 lbs I’m my first week on carnivore and now just two days ago I put 2 lbs back on . I took an ovulation test and I’m ovulating so I’m hoping it’s female fluid retention from hormones and not something I’m doing wrong with my diet. I just recently started to reintroduce some dairy product and cacao. I have IBS so was concerned the bloat might be food related, but after seeing I was ovulating thought it might just be fluid retention. Do you still expierence fluid retention on your cycles even on keto or carnivore diet? How much can it fluctuate? I normally fluctuate like 6 lbs on carb diet this time of month so 2 lbs isn’t bad but I wanted to know if any of the other females still Have fluid rentention ?

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Yes, I also am heavier during ovulation. Not sure how much since I didn’t pay attention before keto and weight loss makes it hard to know what is the normal fluctuation. Now that I’m transitioning into maintenance I’m planning on figuring out those patterns so I know when a weight spike is normal and when it is time to buckle down.

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I’m keto (not carnivore) with a lot of fasting, I do eat dairy, and many cycles I retain water during ovulation. I often get my PMS symptoms during that time as well and then nothing much when shark week arrives. good luck!

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I usually either gain a couple of pounds or, if I am in a fat loss whoosh, I don’t lose any in the week before my period. Then I lose it all at once about 3 days into my period. Every month. Which makes me sad because it’s always around the 9th which is my monthly ketoversary when i “officially” weigh myself.


I always gain like 5 pounds or so but I have since gotten a Depo shot (yay no more periods!) so hopefully that won’t be an issue for a while.

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Because I have endometriosis I can always tell when I’m ovulating by the amount of pain I am in. I become a carb monster too, craving carbs like some drug addict, even 11 months in. Literally all I can think about is eating cake all day and all night. I can tell you I can almost guarantee I will put on a couple of pounds duing ovulation which seem to whoosh right out of me a couple of days after.


Thanks girls! I am also going to have to start tracking and charting too so I know it’s nust hormonal and not related to diet/carbs. Ugh the luxuries of being a woman …lol

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There are lots of trackers out there but I’ve found the tracker on my Fitbit app predicts my period pretty well.

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I obviously can not speak to my own experience as I am a man. However, my wife and I have talked about this a lot. She sees the same pattern in herself. She will always gain a couple pounds randomly out of nowhere, and next thing we know, she starts. Makes complete sense, and I would not start questioning your diet just yet.

J.P. Wells