Question about mojo and Walmart canada

(Scott) #1

I went over my carbs dec 24th, not a big deal I’m pretty good. I have been tearing since and normally .3 or .2. I know I would be out of ketosis. Last night at midnight took my test and was 1.1 which was great I was back inthought . Woke up at 9am , didn’t eat and took a test at noon and it read .3 . Didn’t understand the drastic drop. I know the test aren’t perfect but did bring me down.

Next I was at Walmart today and the had a big display of thins treats with display box saying keto friends and some
Said onlyn2 carbs some 3. I use to buy these until I read here about maltitol. If Atkins was sued in the USA for these lies won’t don’t the change the formula and why are they allowed to advertise lies here when they know they aren’t true

(Carnivore for the win) #2

Everything I’ve seen that say Keto on the package, aren’t Keto. They always contain seed oils, chemicals, and weird sweeteners, they use to get around the carb count, which mess with hormones and cause cravings.

(Scott) #3

I know but I thought they were died in US. And thought they could claim maltitol in the sugar alcohol formula anymore

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(Laurie) #5

Different countries have different laws regarding sweeteners. In Canada, Sweet 'N Low is cyclamate, because saccharin is dangerous. In the US, Sweet 'Low is saccharin, because cyclamate is unsafe. Go figure.

Advertising laws and labeling laws also vary from country to country.

That’s just the way it is! And that’s why we have to educate ouselves.

(bulkbiker) #6

Or to put it more simply if it comes in a packet with more than one ingredient just leave it on the shelf?

(Carnivore for the win) #7

Just eat whole pieces of single ingredient low carb foods and you will be better off than worrying about what chemicals are legally allowed to be listed in the nutrition.

(Scott) #8

Yes the problem
Is was eating these as a treat when I was stalling after a few months as I thought I was only eating 10-14 net carbs but when I was eating these I didn’t realize I was knocking myself out of ketosis and don’t want others to suffer this while a company intentionally lies to make a few dollars of people

(Carnivore for the win) #9

Definitely. Thanks for posting that. We, as a community, have to make sure people don’t get tricked by big business trying to exploit this excellent way if eating with their packaged processed poisons.