Question about Australian Lamb


I’ve been trying to find the answer to this. Safeway stores here on the East Coast carry several lamb and beef cuts from Australia. The beef is labeled grass fed (though doesn’t say grass finished)

I wanted to ask if there are feed lots for finishing the lamb with grain (as happens here in the U.S.A.), or if most/all of the lamb is pasture raised?

Thanks for any insight!

(Danielle) #2

I found this about the lamb

Doesn’t answer your question about Grain finished though


Thank you, Danielle. I’d read what could be found through online searching, but had hoped for a reply from someone in Australia.
Just finished an Australian lamb shoulder chop. The bones make good broth. :slight_smile:

(Danielle) #4

I’m from Australia and I would be surprised if they did grain finish the lamb but I don’t have any evidence to support this. That is just my thoughts.

(Richard Morris) #5

Australian lamb are apparently only ever milk and grass fed. Veal is the same.


Thank you so much for the reply! That’s what I was hoping to hear. Just had another delicious fatty lamb chop for dinner.


Thank you very much for the reply! Happy to hear that! Loving the Australian lamb.