Question about alternate day fasting

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(TJ Borden) #22

That’s the one. GAME CHANGER

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(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #24

Lol. That’s a carb coma.


I think you guys must be eating more than I do, on Thanksgiving.
But then I am in the UK and can only really compare with Xmas Dinner.

But anyway, I don’t/can’t/won’t stuff myself that much.

For me, Xmas Dinner Full is still comfortable, but not going to get hungry for the rest of the day. No discomfort.

(Allie) #26

Me neither. I dislike the feeling of being too full, always have done. It’s uncomfortable.

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #27

Yeah, I don’t reckon I’ve done that for 30 years or more.

(Karen) #28

153 lbs - Did two days of feasting, because I wasn’t feeling the fasting yesterday. Today I’m going to fast. I think I ate enough last night and I don’t mind fasting today. I do drink coffee and some heavy whipping cream on fasting days. Will report back tomorrow. I needed to have a very low weight for my way-and -win program through Kaiser. They give me money. I’d like to get the most money I can. Might have to fast two days😒

(Raj Seth) #29

Absolutely. My statement can be misconstrued a hundred different ways. But the way I understand satiety is that you really want to be full enough that the thought of another pork chop puts you off. Think how a neanderthal human (enter @Baytowvin stage left) may have feasted when she got the wildebeest. Couldn’t afford to be comatose for a few days, but had to eat when available. Decades of overeating foods that didn’t trigger satiety (carbage), and the resultant aftermath is a counterpoint for sure - but I do believe that the body’s satiety signals, once healed, will keep us on the right track. I know some have satiety signals that are messed up, it may not work for them. But for many of us, satiety may work once we are no longer carb deranged

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #30

I can absolutely see your point then!

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #31

Fascinating article Darren.

It boggles my mind how hard it is to become healthy once you’ve ventured too far “over the line”. My hope is to find a way to break this cycle.

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I feel a “this is it” moment here!!! I think my main problem is also not getting enough calories in. I try NOT to count calories at all, just keep my macros where they need to be. When I fast, I usually do a min. of 24 hrs. I don’t mind doing longer if I feel prepared. But again, my big issue is with not eating enough when I’m eating.
I will definitely try to get more food in when feasting and see how it goes.