Query re successful fat fasting


I’m on the fence about doing a fat fast. I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to fast for more than a couple days. I don’t know if it’s physical or psychological. I’ve been wondering if my body fat is too low to successfully complete a water/tea only fast. I have about 33 pounds of body fat and my BMR is estimated to be about 1,100 (though I doubt that’s very accurate; I’m fairly sedentary other than walking the dogs, a little resistance training here and there and an occasional tennis game - plus, I’ve maintained my weight on an average of 1550 cals a day doing very little exercise).

Before I dive into a fat fast, I’d like to hear about your n=1 experiments with fat fasting:

  1. How long was your fast?
  2. Did you lose body fat during your fast? (My goal is loss of body fat, not necessarily body weight)
  3. What did you eat?
  4. How many times have you done it?

Any information you can give me will be helpful so I can decide whether to try it.



Been fasting since March, Keto/LC since April. I found fasting easier before I went low carb but once I heard about feasting that helped so much. One thing, fasting resets my snacking, it curbs the impulse to grab something while passing through the kitchen, makes me more aware. A fat fast does not do that since I am still eating something.

I have done a few fasts with nothing but a little coffee HWC in the morning. It was ok. I never weigh myself during the fast, usually 36 hours after it is over, that way the water weight has some time. Usually I lose about 4 lbs or so on a regular 4 - 6 day fast. In July on a whim I did a fat fast after reading something by Dana Carpender and lost about 3 lbs or so. It was much easier and I was happier eating something than nothing. However you still have the hassle of preparing food and there is an element of something missing but that may be psychological. It seemed more effortless. Since then I went back to regular fasting, mostly shorter ones. Gearing up to do a longer one but cannot quite find the time. Plus I have to cook more since husband is on Keto but will not fast.

I ate small handfuls of macadamia nuts, a daily brazil nut for selenium, the occassional spoonful of EVCO, avocado and zoodles with lots of butter or cheese. I probably had an egg or two cooked in a lot of fat. I tried to keep my calories under 800 a day with most of those coming from fat. I do not eat pork and hate really fatty meat which is a problem

I have no idea when and if I lose fat or something else, except that in general whatever I weigh 36 hours after the fast is usually what I continue to weigh


@Saphire When you do your 4-6 day water fasts, how do you feel on days 3 through 6? Do you feel differently than you did days 3 through 6 on the fat fast?


On the water fast (with a tiny amount of HWC and coffee) I felt hungry at points and missed eating but by the end of day 2 or midday on 3 did not really feel hungry. It was more that I missed eating but there was a certain minimalist warrior feeling too which I did not get on the fat fast.

With the fat fast I barely felt like I was fasting, felt like I was eating less than normal but I was not hungry. I was probably less hungry on days 1 and 2 than on water only


One more food that is great are Shiritaki Noodles Konjac

They have no calories so you can add butter or cheese or your favorite fat to them

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Thanks, this is super helpful. How often do you do such a long a fast? Do you go back to a regular keto eating plan after your fast? Thanks Saphire!


I always go back to regular keto eating.

As for how frequent, it really depends.

Over the summer I had a fast that was going really well interrupted on Day 4 by a business dinner for my husband. So annoying so I try to make sure there will be no compulsory eating events coming up before I start. I feel like I can only lose weight on a fast but can maintain that loss on keto, So I try about every 3-5 weeks to do a 5 day fast. If I was at goal I would not do that, then maybe once every 3 months or so. About once a week I try to do 20 to 36 hours. I barely consider 20 a fast, more like skipping lunch

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Thanks Saphire, that is good food for thought :wink:
Have not done much fasting but thinking about it. Appreciate the insight into what has worked for you.