Q for Carnivores: Is too much protein a problem?

(Jane Srygley) #1

I had 140g yesterday and over 2200 calories on my first day of carnivore. I feel like I ate too much fat and could use MORE protein! Thoughts?


Nope. Were you happy? Were you full? Were you satisfied and smiling? Were you not hungry one bit in your day? Was everything ok food wise other than the ‘thoughts of I did wrong’ somehow?


Nope you eat as much meat and seafood as you need at all times. That is the key to carnivore for switching over.

We count nothing. Track nothing. Macro nothing. But this can only be if you eat all carnivore. (some track for personal reasons but most carnivores never track anything)…go by what your body aks. It isn’t a keto plan. It isn’t low carb. It is a plan all to its own and eat up the meat and seafood as you see fit and you are doing carnivore and then they key thing, hold it strong and longer you commit and do the darn better you will be. You will have to adapt as you know but if one is kinda extreme lc anyway, your adaption shouldn’t be too bad.

You eat up the meats girl!!! Any questions while doing it just ask and we can help you :slight_smile:

(Chris W) #3

Based in my experience and observations of others, the amount of Protein relative to Fat that is optimal, is unique to your individual situation.
In very general terms, it seems to me that people that have struggled with Metabolic Syndrome for many years seem to do better with a higher percentage of fat and people who have never had problems with metabolic syndrome seem to be able to get away with higher protein, but that is a very gross general observation and may not apply to you as an individual.


Of course,. too much protein is bad. But it’s probably not an occasional 140g for you (or me). It’s definitely way over my need but I feel pretty okay with this amount (and much worse, hungrier with way less, that’s why I eat high protein).
Some people eat 200+ g protein and start to have some problems due to this (or at a way lower level due to some problems. I am healthy). Others do the same and feel no problems. Many carnivore doesn’t even know their numbers.

Too much fat is even a more vague thing. Overeating is bad but eating 2200 kcal sometimes probably isn’t, I definitely needed my about 2200 kcal day on last Sunday and my daily energy need is probably significantly lower. My average food intake is way lower.
Do you feel right? Do you feel in your body you ate too much fat? If my body want more protein, I eat more, it is supposed to know what it is doing but I am sure it’s not true for everyone, there are messed up systems or bad habits clouding signs and reasons…
If I keep tracking (vaguely, I can’t really track my macros when I eat fatty meat) and see a very high number for protein longer term or feel something is off about it, I will learn how to eat fattier eventually but it’s not an option right now. It’s not a big concern with my fatty protein and modest energy intake so I have plenty of time to add fat.

(FRANK) #5

I agree with @cwstnsko. I struggle with severe metabolic syndrome and i’m finding I do better by limiting my protein and upping my fat intake. It’s still early in my N=1, so time will tell.

(Elizabeth ) #6

You’re throwing a lot of stuff around here without any facts to back it up. I have no idea how much fat or protein I eat, you can plug in two and a half pounds of fatty ribeye, I mean untrimmed seriously. And that’ll tell you what my average day looks like. I’ve been eating this way for over two years now. I get massive blood work every 6 months. I have no issues in fact my doctor says I’ve reversed four decades of metabolic damage. Even Dr Ben Bikman puts no upper level on protein.


I just share other people’s experiences and sometimes mine too. The 200g protein as too much thing is from someone in this forum, I’ve read it in a carnivore topic and it’s totally believable. It’s their case. It’s quite known that many people must stay way lower due to some condition, it’s not even rare.
And there is too much protein for everyone, obviously but it’s unrealistically high for many people.
2.5 pounds of ribeye doesn’t sound so extremely much, I wouldn’t do it with my tiny need (and my inability to eat so much meat) but it may be perfect for many. There are people eating more. And it’s bad for certain persons with certain health problems. It sounds the truth, no matter how I look at it but I am fine if people dismiss me, really. Though I didn’t write anything surprising, I guess, more like obvious things.

(Elizabeth ) #8

I guess I’m just confused because you’re throwing statements out there like too much protein and there’s no quantification there. Exactly how much protein is too much protein? And who exactly has been hurt or damaged by what amount of protein? I don’t see any specifics and eating only meat for over 2 years I personally have not heard of anybody that has been hurt by eating only meat.? I know of a 100 lb 5-ft tall woman who’s been eating only meat for 5 years that eats a minimum of 3 lb a day often as much as 5.


It is so simple…it is carnivore.

Jane you eat the meat and seafood you want in a day and don’t even think you are having too much protein cause you are not :slight_smile:

When the posts about too much protein on an all meat/seafood menu comes into play it can screw up a person very quickly.

Don’t go there at all.

Just eat meat, drink water, throw in some seafood if wanted and have a good day eating what you want, when you want it. Your body will tell you if it wants more or less. Your body will say you crave more fat or not. Your body will tell you. Only by starting carnivore the right way, just go in and eat meat :), then you can see how you do and take it from there but don’t go getting confused right off the bat.

just eat meat and drink water and you got it whipped :slight_smile:

Jane you said you feel like you ate too much fat and not enough protein…can you tell me what you ate yesterday in full…that way we can just see what ya chowed down :slight_smile:

(Jane Srygley) #10


I am honestly not sure what all I ate yesterday. I got most of my protein from beef, eggs and chicken, but I felt the whole day like I didn’t eat enough protein, so I was like… um… how much is it going to take??? Because since I was hungry, I also ate 8 oz of cream cheese. That’s the part that concerns me. I know that dairy triggers insulin, which stores fat (thanks to Dr. Fung for that nugget), so I don’t want to eat that much dairy… but honestly I was still hungry and I ate the whole fucking day!!! I mean from 4am to 9pm every few hours. That part isn’t unusual for me as a semi-vegetarian keto person but it is another thing that I’ve been trying to change.

I want to eat until I feel satiated as that is the whole fucking point for why I abandoned my semi-vegetarian keto diet 5 days per week and am eating more animal foods on the weekends, too. I simply NEVER felt satisfied and I’m sure that’s why I haven’t been able to lose much weight unless I was fasting… but I’d really like to be able to lose weight on a day I eat, too!

I do have an update for today, however. I visited this LOVELY farm yesterday afternoon. It’s 45 minutes from my house and they raise grass fed and grass finished cattle! They also raise pigs, lamb and chickens. Here’s the best part for me: they take so much care to ensure that their animals are treated humanely!!! They are careful with them from birth to slaughter. The farmer I met yesterday, Sharon, said that they feel like if animals are stressed when slaughtered, it “affects the taste of the meat.” I was a vegetarian and a wanna be vegan because I care about animals, so all of this is really important to me and I’m so thrilled I found them!

Well, I bought a 1-lb bone-in rib steak for today and some short ribs to cook on the weekend. I ate the steak today (medium rare). I have never in my life eaten that big of a steak in one sitting! The weird part is that I was still a little hungry afterward… so I ate about 4 oz of bison burger that I fried in leftover fat from last weekend’s short rib extravaganza. O M F G !!! Everything tasted wonderful and I have to say I was home alone so I said fuck it and ate the steak with my hands LOL

SO… NOW I feel like a CARNIVORE!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The big revelation is how I felt afterward. I felt CALM, SATISFIED, FOCUSED and ENERGIZED… even SMARTER for some damn reason :woman_shrugging: I really felt GOOD and I haven’t felt that way after a meal at all as far as I can remember. I have felt full, but it was always bloated and overfull. I heard Dr. Gabrielle Lyon say that meat is “the original superfood” and I’m starting to believe it!!! So interesting…

I should mention that calm and focused are not common feelings for me. I’m wicked ADHD and have significant anxiety issues. So this laser-sharp focused feeling and calm from the depths of my soul…? Pretty new and zen experience.


Jane, I LOVED that post of yours!! Good farmers are out there who really care about their animals and I’m glad you were able to find one near you! And it sounds like you had a great carnivore food-fest which is so cool. It can take a bit to find one’s sweet spot as far as the protein/fat numbers go but big congrats to you! No wonder you ate the steak with your hands, lol. There have been a few times I wish I could just inhale one of my ribeyes, lol.


Now girl that is a carnivore with a capitol C!!!

That is what we want to tell you and you get it. Eat! Eat as much as you need to get exactly the results you need from your food. That steak was great, ya needed a bit more and ate it without worrying about it and after you got Calm, Satisfied, Focused and Energized without bloating or anything.

You got all the good from that eating I would say :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Carnivore will change for you but let it happen naturally. That is why we say eat as much meat and seafood as you need at ALL TIMES while truly starting carnivore because we need it. We require it. But down the line your appetite will change and then you just follow what your appetite is asking at that point.

You will become extremely in tune with what food and how much your body will want. It will amaze ya :slight_smile:

That was just a great report to read from you!!!

and wow you hit a great grass fed family farm that has humane practices and produces wonderful meat. You are super lucky to have near you.

And eating steak with your hands, oh yea I do it also…one reason I hate to eat a steak out at a restaurant because I want to pick it up and hound it down like a wolverine and I shy away at eating like that out in public HAHA yea me bad like that HAHA Sounds like you are like me now :slight_smile:

Very very happy you are doing so well!!


No one can say. It’s individual and a mystery. Some people manage to eat too much according to their stories, most of us probably never can.
And what is too much? I definitely call it too much if it causes noticeable negative effects (but if it’s just an unnecessarily burden, that’s too much for me, in my own case, I don’t say others should follow that but I want to). And I don’t believe that we must eat adequate protein only as high protein works so well for so many and it’s logical too, what messed up evolution makes an animal unable to eat lots of its natural food without problems if there is a high energy need? I still think it’s better to eat more fat if we have a huge energy need compared to our protein need, fat is our primary fuel, not protein but I am sure there is a wide range for protein where our body handles the amount just fine even if it’s way over our protein need (maybe we even need something else from our protein source in bigger amounts?).

I never ever will be able to be more clear as it’s complicated, fuzzy and individual (and my knowledge is little but it’s still interesting to think about things). I personally depend on the pretty good signs of my body but experiences of other people and even some other info may help but in the end, I want to know what is best for the individual that’s me.