Public Keto Lecture - TONIGHT - Hot Springs, AR


(Whitney) #1

Any Keto people from Arkansas on here? On Thursday, October 11, a coffee shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas is hosting the following Science & Arts Cafe, free to the public. The speaker is a friend of mine, Dr. Patrycja Krakowiak, who is a former research scientist with a Ph.D. in Human Genetics. I found Keto last April and convinced Patrycja to dive into Keto with me back in May. Now she is giving an hour-long lecture, described below. Even though the “blurb” does not mention ketogenic diets, that is going to be the major focus of her talk, which will be summarizing all the scientific literature to show how amazing a ketogenic diet can be. I would love to meet fellow Keto people at this talk if any can make it to Hot Springs! It is at Kollective Coffee + Tea, 110 Central Ave., 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, on October 11.

The “blurb” on the advertising posters:
What to Eat: the Science of Nutrition - With the popularity of fad diets, weight loss supplements and gastric surgeries on the rise, it is hard to know what scientific evidence exists to support the often outlandish claims that come with them. At the same time, obesity and diabetes are becoming world-wide epidemics, while complications of poor nutrition such as heart disease and cancer are also on the rise. But what is “poor” nutrition? In this session, we will examine the history of human ingestion, review basics of digestion, metabolism, and addiction, and analyze the latest nutrition research. Be ready for an impromptu quiz that will test your knowledge of nutrition…just don’t be surprised to find out that much of what you think you know about what is best to eat may not be quite true according to latest scientific research.

(Whitney) #2

No one from Arkansas!? :frowning:

Oh well, I’m excited to attend! I’m dragging my husband along to and have encouraged all my students to attend. I hope it will be a good crowd. :slight_smile:

(JC) #3

Arkansas here. NWA.