(Brian Lavallee) #1

Hello fellow Ketonitists!
My name is Brian and I am a doctor of physical therapy, working in Washington State. (Waves)
I have been working for the past few months on understanding the Ketogenic healthy lifestyle since I began my ketonic journey back in July of 2019. Since then I have seen my body begin to change for the better and have felt my energy levels improve as well.
Long story short, I want to help others by finding someway to combine my work in PT and my new passion for Keto. I am writing here to see if anyone has any suggestions for me of how to market these two.
I feel there is a market out there, but would love to know where there might be some specific areas of need.

Love, Luck and LoCarb


(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

Not to suggest another forum, but you may have a lot more material to draw from if you visit
Real posts from real people actively working out on Keto, whilst fat adapted.
I’ve been keen to get back into working out but I have an AVM and have been advised not to lift anything above 30kg for now, so am focusing on body weight exercises.

(Katie) #3

I have one suggestion to make. Tell your patients to start taking K2 D3 MK7

If you look up the topic up on Pubmed you will see the science.

What this does is help to scrub the calcium out of soft tissue and put it into bones and teeth.

I had serious and painful bursitis in both knees and my shoulder. I started this daily regiment. The swelling is gone, the pain is gone. I have freedom of movement once again.

I started to take K2D3 because of the proof that it will help to clear plak from my arteries… the side benefit is reduced calcium everywhere.

Read the science. This could be a huge benefit to your patients trying to deal with bursitis

(Katie) #4

Oh…and eliminating the origin of the inflammation that cause the body to build up that calcium in the first place should be a key too.

Get their insulin down under control. Insulin is the cause of inflammation in tissue. What causes high levels of insulin? Insulin resistance. What causes insulin resistance? Carbs.