Psyllium husk

(Colin) #1

Having never bought it before, I was just wondering about others’ experience of obtaining this stuff in the UK.

What have you all found in terms of quality and value?

It seems the cheapest I can find currently is £15/kg on Ebay

(Allie) #2

I get this one.

You don’t need a lot when you use it.

(Karen) #3

I have concerns with lectins. Aren’t the rather higher in seed husks??

(Ken) #4

Holland and Barrett also do it in capsule and powder form.

(Allie) #5

Dr Gundry says psyllium husk is safe in his opinion, and he’s the best authority I’m aware of on lectins.

(Karen) #6

Thanks, do you have a link to that site I have a question about oat fiber as well

(Allie) #7

He has a podcast, that’s where I heard it. At the start of each show he answers a user question and for the last two or three episodes he has for some reason answered the same question about psyllium husk.

(Wendy) #8

Konsyl daily fiber is great! I personally use 1Tbs a day. And seems to be the perfect dose for me. Is 100% natural. Nothing added! Where my husband takes 2Tbs a day. Mix it in water tea what ever you like. You can get this product at your local Walmart. Or im sure online. Its about $15 per container.

(Colin) #9

Thanks, but we don’t have Walmart here in the UK.

(Rachel) #10

I order mine from Amazon. I’m in the UK.

Best wishes

(Wendy) #11

Sorry :confused: you may be able to find something similar online or possibly a Natural Health store.

(Nasir) #12

I think it is cheaper in south asian (indian/pakistan) shops.

(Karen) #13

Thanks! I added his podcast to my evening listening. I just Listened to the first one on menopausal women

(Allie) #14

It’s a very good podcast I think. No advertising and no attempts to sell any products. He mentions his books but that’s only fair as he does the podcast for free.