Psyllium husk

(Colin) #1

Having never bought it before, I was just wondering about others’ experience of obtaining this stuff in the UK.

What have you all found in terms of quality and value?

It seems the cheapest I can find currently is £15/kg on Ebay

(Allie) #2

I get this one.

You don’t need a lot when you use it.

(Karen) #3

I have concerns with lectins. Aren’t the rather higher in seed husks??

(Ken) #4

Holland and Barrett also do it in capsule and powder form.

(Allie) #5

Dr Gundry says psyllium husk is safe in his opinion, and he’s the best authority I’m aware of on lectins.

(Karen) #6

Thanks, do you have a link to that site I have a question about oat fiber as well

(Allie) #7

He has a podcast, that’s where I heard it. At the start of each show he answers a user question and for the last two or three episodes he has for some reason answered the same question about psyllium husk.

(Wendy) #8

Konsyl daily fiber is great! I personally use 1Tbs a day. And seems to be the perfect dose for me. Is 100% natural. Nothing added! Where my husband takes 2Tbs a day. Mix it in water tea what ever you like. You can get this product at your local Walmart. Or im sure online. Its about $15 per container.

(Colin) #9

Thanks, but we don’t have Walmart here in the UK.

(Rachel) #10

I order mine from Amazon. I’m in the UK.

Best wishes

(Wendy) #11

Sorry :confused: you may be able to find something similar online or possibly a Natural Health store.

(Nasir) #12

I think it is cheaper in south asian (indian/pakistan) shops.

(Karen) #13

Thanks! I added his podcast to my evening listening. I just Listened to the first one on menopausal women

(Allie) #14

It’s a very good podcast I think. No advertising and no attempts to sell any products. He mentions his books but that’s only fair as he does the podcast for free.


This is what the packets of psyllium look like in the Indian shops here in the UK - and see the end of the video for pictures of other packets.
You’ll see them in the medicine and health section of a shop, not flours, nuts or other foods.
A packet costs about £3.50, for about 300g.
This is husk not powder, just wizz in a high speed blender for powder, but I can see any reason for doing this, and it creates dust which I’m sure isn’t good to inhale.
It’s often easier to show a picture to the shop keeper as I think it might be called different names in different parts of the sub-continent.

(Nalde ) #16

Do we need it?

(Allie) #17

I don’t think so