Pseudo Planche Pushups attempt

(Vladaar Malane) #1

New pushup progressions attempt gave it Hell but my form needs work.

(Vladaar Malane) #2

Getting better but my son the videographer got entranced with my bald head I think and forgot to rotate back so you can see the form on the other reps. Lol

(I admin it, that’s a terrible pun.) #3

This happens to me all the time. :slight_smile:

(Vladaar Malane) #4

Think I am doing a lot better in form now… I have one repetition where I lose my postieror pelvic tilt slightly but rest feel good.

(Vladaar Malane) #5

Finally getting the hang of these. But lots of pressure on the top of my feet. Also my arches of my feet tend to want to be cramp in middle of the exercise.