Protein Without Fat, or should I care?

(Steve S) #1

Hello Again.

My second question on the forum, and I apologize in advance if it was already answered somewhere. I promise I did search first.

Sometimes i find myself short on protein, but full on fat. Having said that, I guess my question has 2 parts…

1… Should I try to eat lean meat in this situation, or is it no big deal if I go over my daily fat? Today I’m at 96 of 102 fat, but I’m at 25 of 82 Protein… So I need a big chunk of meat. Is Bacon acceptable in this situation?

2… What are your go-to meats when you still need protein, but you’ve already met your fat goals?

As always, Thanks in advance!!!


(Todd Allen) #2

Being chronically short on protein would be a problem, but on a day to day basis is nothing to worry about. People can fast without protein or low protein for significant periods of time and there are potentially many benefits to doing so.

(Kevin Cantwell) #3

I personally believe that bacon is a sore source of protein, especially if you’ve already got your fats for the day. There’s nothing wrong with a little canned tuna if you feel you’re short on protein, that’s me and my opinion on pork speaking probably combined with the fact that you have your daily fat already


Fish and seafood would be the easiest options. Skinless chicken breast.

I use Isopure Zero Carb Protein powder to supplement my protein. I even use it as a flour when I make mini-cakes and buns.

(Maggy) #5

I’m the other way round.Im finding I’m getting to my protein goal in an instant,I’m going over,most days but struggling with hitting the fats target.What,besides fat bombs are your go to fat snacks and what meats are you eating?

(Steve S) #6

For meats, I generally go with chicken thigh, bacon, or salmon or maguro - (Bluefin Tuna). (I’m in Japan, so what I can find at the market is pretty limited.)

My fats usually come from (daily) 2 eggs and an avocado. My fat bombs are not really what you consider fat bombs… If the meat I eat doesn’t finish the job, I usually finish getting my fat in with fried gouda cheese or olive oil on lettuce.

I did make something the other day that I thought was pretty good, and it kept me going most of the day… 100 grams of Cream Cheese, 50 grams of bacon, 1 avocado, 20 grams of onion, and garlic powder and salt. It was delicious. But I cant make that everyday… Plus, that gave me wicked cravings for crackers.

I’m really interested in making Keto Bread, but I still cannot find the flour at a good price… its like 22 bucks for a 1 kilo bag. That’s one expensive loaf of bread.

(Edit) I forgot… I read someones advice that suggested to add 50grams of butter to 2 scrambled eggs. It works in a pinch. Butteriest egg I ever ate. Hard to do too often, but again, Its a quick and easy fat boost.

(Steve S) #7

Thanks Todd!


Yes adding butter or olive/avocado oil to your food helps increase the fat. Also, are you a coffee drinker? I am and I add 2-4 Tbsp of heavy cream (HWC) to my coffee every morning. That raises my % fat pretty quick.

(Steve S) #9

I WAS a coffee drinker, until this diet. My coffee has gone to almost nothing. I cant find any sweetener here in Japan that doesn’t have carbs. I’ve heard of Stevia and others, but I don’t see it anywhere around here.



Ohhh. I use a few drops of Stevia in my coffee every morning. I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t have stevia available. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Steve S) #11

I guess I should look for it on Amazon… They have everything!

Thanks for the tip!



Yes the do. I prefer liquid stevia drops in my coffee, bu if you are baking, then the powdered form is better.

(Steve S) #13

Ordered! Thanks everyone!