Protein myths

(mole person) #62

My diet is very simple. I eat one big meal, mostly composed of either high fat meat, or if leaner, then with copious fats added such as butter or a rich sauce.

I barely touch vegetables anymore. They are inflammatory to my body, cause abdominal pain, increase the frequency of my migraines, cause intestinal irritation and really, really, mess up my satiety signaling.

I have a small piece of very high fat cheese as a meal finisher. Not more then an ounce usually. Dairy also isn’t the best in my system so I try to use it in moderation.

I do not count calories ever. I do try to keep my fat in the 80% range. This is hard, but it’s an goal that I am trying to get closer to.

(Anita Huska) #63

How do you eat that many calories in one meal, vegetables I find help me fill up. I would not do well on one meal it would definitely bloat me. I enjoy the two meal a day and I stretch it out sometimes to 2 pm two hours after the 12 pm goal. I find then I good till at least 630 or 7 pm eating a lighter meal trying to make lunch the heavier one. My biggest downfall is I get hungry during the night so its hard not to snack, bad habits are hard to stop, lol.

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When I started it was hard for me to eat more than 800 or so calories at a meal. But if you only eat one meal your body adjusts to get what it needs. I generally eat 1050 -1500 calories at my meal these days.

Eating a ton of vegetables is what’s bloating for me. I don’t get bloated at all since I stopped eating them.

(Anita Huska) #65

Yes I find too many veggies, I do but high fats like smoked meats and msg trigger my headaches, I definitely don’t get as many since I started this diet,. I love exercise but limited because of my knee, and fibro but lucky I can control it. Some have it so bad. I take apple.cider vinegar tablets they help my digestion and acidopholus.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #66


How much meat do you eat at one meal to get that many calories. Today I’ve had ground beef and pork chops and the calories aren’t adding up.

(mole person) #67

Shoot. You just made me realize I was forgetting something important. My HWC in my coffee. It accounts for about 360 of my daily calories. So I really AM getting closer to 800 calories at my one big meal. That’s actually terrible. I’m planning to ditch those coffees starting tomorrow but I have to figure out a way to get the calories in or I’ll lose more weight.

I really don’t want to go back to two meals. I just don’t have the control I need when i eat two meals.

Today was a perfect example. I didn’t sleep well last night, and that usually leaves me starving the next day. So I had two meals today. 1660 calories. If I kept eating that way I’d start gaining I think.

What do you do @Regina?

(Chris) #68

@Ilana_Rose try some raw bone marrow. Almost pure fat, not too bad, not too good, very satiating.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #69

On my phone so will write more tomorrow. For me,

it is the opposite effect. If I haven’t eaten enough I don’t sleep well. We are talking wake up at four and scarf down milk. My body runs on protein.

(Anita Huska) #70

Gross no thanks on the bone marrow,.

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Well I eat no more than 52 highs 55, but I do keep it under that some days,

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What do you have for a treat for sweets, just curious?

(Chris) #73

I don’t.

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I was talking to someone else

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Ok, you replied directly to me, that’s why I answered. :joy:

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(mole person) #77

For the most part I don’t either. The longer you go without them, the less you crave them, until you never think about them.

Every once in a while something will happen that will set me to eating something sweet. Yesterday was a good example actually. I’d not touched or thought about a sweet thing for about three weeks. My husband still enjoys a fruit or two most days but generally eats them when I’m not right next to him. However last night we were watching something together and he brought an orange and began peeling it. The smell of it just set me off. i went from “I think I’ll have a piece!” to “You should probably get your own!” to “Canz I has apple too???”

Anyhow, he talked me down from having the apple. But the moral is that sweets just hijack your brain and set your hunger signals haywire to boot. If you have a sweet today you’ll want one tomorrow and the next day at a minimum. It’s not worth it. It’s more suffering battling all that desire than it is pleasure in the moment.

If you really want something though, 86% chocolate is good. it’s got a fair bit of flavour, few carbs, and is only barely sweet. But really, it should just be very occasional.

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Highlight the words you want to respond to, hit the “quote” box that pops up, sorted.

(Anita Huska) #79

I couldn’t handle the chocolate that strong but I bought some 78% chocolate but I never touch it barely, I made some peppermint patties keto style with cocoa they are good if I need something.

(DougH) #80

It is a cheat, and a treat, but there is a company that makes sugar free chocolate called ChocZero. It is sweetened with either monk fruit, stevia or erythritol (swerve) which are relatively keto friendly for most individuals. The carbs are high, but the net carbs are only 3g due to them using corn fiber.

I can consume them sparingly as a treat, but my dear keto partner goes through a bag lickity split.