Protein myths

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@Anita_Huska You just can’t expect very rapid results at your size. Losing those last ten pounds took me most of an entire year. You are clearly going for a very slim physique and a ketogenic diet on it’s own is really a metabolism fixing diet. If your metabolism is fine then you won’t lose much with this way of eating by itself. You may have to make one or more changes to the diet to lose those last ten pounds.

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It is only 10 pounds total, so what about my macros I doing I sent in a reply, do you think its good or?

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What I meant was you are trying to go from 115 lbs to 105 lbs. That may be only ten pounds but it’s not the same ten pounds as someone who is going from 300 lbs to 290 lbs.

When I got to that point in my weight loss I HAD to go to OMAD, 16:8 didn’t work for me. Things that help others lose the final sticky pounds include giving up dairy, and going zero carb.

I didn’t get the email with the report of your food logs. Your macros look fine, but I was hoping you could share a day or two of your actual tracking. Can you try and post a screenshot or two from your macro counting app? You can even just type it out.

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What is OMAD

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A dumb way of saying 1MAD - 1 Meal A Day

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report(1)(1).pdf (64.3 KB)

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Try to click on that and see if it works if not I try writing it out that is a typical day, mostly. My body won’t do one a meal a day.

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That worked @Anita_Huska and those numbers look good, but I’m more interested in what foods you’re eating and when you are eating them. Can you make a report that shows a log of what you ate and drank?

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Wel I wrote it out won’t copy,
Morning = 8 am 1 coffee, 1 teaspoon of cream, 1 sugar stevia with eurythmitol only, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.

Lunch= between 1200 to 2.00 pm, depending on hunger 1 raw egg, 2 to 3 ounces of fish, 1 cup of bokchoy, 1 teaspoon of olive 1 handful of bean sprouts, mini cucumber, 5 small olives
Dinner= 6 to 7 pm depending.
3 ounces of meat, chicken, or beef, pork, alternate, 1 cup of cauliflower, or 1 to 2 cups of salad, Cesar dressing or rice vinegar with Parmesan 1 teaspoon for dressing, 4 to 5 walnuts or pecans if needed for fat and calories. as you saw I e about that many calories on the other report and fat, protein a day try to stay 52 to 55 grams of protein, no more than 113 grams of fat but I never get that high, i drink 6 to 8 ounces of water, daily, don’t drink pop but flavored water carbonated once a day, no sugar,. I alternate foods, sometimes I eat a omlette for lunch with bacon and cheese 2 eggs 1 or 2 small pieces of bacon. I do like bacon puffs but I use them to coat my chicken or fish, since I don’t eat anything battered. I will have no more than 10 but only if I need a snack or for protein. I don’t eat or drink more than a tablespoon of cream in a day. Should I try eating 3 times a day small amounts? I been IF for a long time now pretty much the whole time.

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Going to try 3 small meals a day, IF long enough, hopefully it works.

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I’m sorry @Anita_Huska, I wasn’t notified of your last post. I don’t think you should go to 3 small meals a day. That will only increase the amount of time where your insulin is higher.

If anything, my recommendation is that you drink your morning coffee black and without stevia. that will also increase the amount of time during the day where insulin is very low and fat stores are tapped for energy.

Try to keep your calorie consumption down to two meals, without snacks, between 12 and 6 p.m. if you find that you are hungry for snacks then you should be increasing the amount of calories you get at your meals. Snacking just leads to more insulin spikes.

Having said all of this, I want to reiterate that I’m not sure it’s necessary. I think you just need to be patient with your current diet because you can only expect slow weight loss at your size. You shouldn’t be forcing your body to shed weight faster than it wants to.

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Well three meals should work if you keep the same amount of levels like how long should you IF I can’t see it being good for a long time? Dr berg eats three meals a day I not going to snack if possible I take out the coffee with cream I need my coffee in the am and sometimes in the evening I started at 118 pounds two months ago like wow and I only at 116 measurements really aren’t that much different yes I have less fat but I swim 3 times and walk on treadmill for 4 days in a week, s I lost a little from that. I noticed since I started that even if its aquasize swimming. If y don’t think IF is harmful then I can continue but sometimes if I wait too long I am starving I eat lots at those meals so they say u eat too much then cause it takes more food or fat.

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But he’s a whackjob.

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Lol, Well his protein levels for people are right.

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Yes okay I keep on fasting if I get hungry before that time I eat some coconut oil actually that usually helps tie me over till 1200 or 1 pm depending what I doing, I try to be more patient lol

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No, three meals doesn’t work as well if you keep the same amounts of food. You need periods where insulin is LOW. The more meals and snacks the less weight loss. It’s ok to satisfy your hunger at your mealtimes. You don’t need to worry about calories. I’ve eaten one meal a day for two years. I eat a LOT at my meal and a ton of fat.

As for the healthfulness of IF, it’s well considered by scientists now to be far healthier than eating small meals throughout the day. With the discovery of autophagy in 2016 it became understood that the bodies of ALL animals are healthier for having regular breaks from food. It allows for healing and reduces the risks of cancers and many other diseases.

I’ll say it again. a pound a month when you are under 115 is FINE. Keto is just not a diet of rapid weight loss UNLESS you are metabolically deranged and very overfat, which you are not. It’s is, however, a permanent way of eating that can slowly adjust your set point.

When I first got under 110 lbs my body really wasn’t happy with me. I tended to eat too much as soon as the scale reached 110ish and bounce up and down between those lows and around 116 ish. That went on for the better part of a year. And then suddenly, I fell to 106 and I don’t feel any desire to binge or eat junky things and my weight just tracks at that level. My body has reached a new set point that it likes.

To get to a new set point though you have to be patient. What you want and what your body wants aren’t the same. To change what your body wants you have to change it’s food environment for long enough.

That’s the difference between keto and diets of calorie restriction. You can go and calorie restrict and lose those five pounds fast if you like, but that WON’T EVER change your set point. So eventually you will just get tired of being hungry all the time and gain the weight back. If you are patient with keto that doesn’t happen.

I’m never, ever hungry. I eat huge meals. I’m a 51 year old menopausal woman and I’m 106 lbs right now. I’m in the population that has the hardest time with weight loss because our weight set points get stuck at high values at menopause. And yet keto has got my body happy again at my 25 year old body fat level.

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Depends on your eating window.

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Hi so how do you eat to maintain your weight I menopausal also at 58, I wondering your meals also I bounce around at 116 to 114.8 but no lighter, I can cut down on dairy eat more oils but I don’t eat alot of dairy I do like cheese its a weakness, and bacon puffs I am adding more salad into my diet which I know is great. I miss fruit like a apple with peanut butter but I can wait till I lower in weight and inches hopefully. Right now I fighting a itch from the chlorine at the pool so there goes my 3 days two days a week. My legs from my knee down were going crazy. Anyways thanks for the info once again muchly appreciated!