Protein macro calculation

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I’m having some issues with protein macros. According to this forum, I should be having 1g per kilogram if LBM (47g in my case). According to ketogains, it is 0.8g per lb of LBM.

At 15% protein / 80% fat / 5% carb I have 90-110g protein a day, depending on how much I eat (average is around 2,000 calories). I would seriously battle to get under 50g protein a day. 100g chicken thigh and 100g steak would take me over that cap.

How do the rest of you manage?

(Khara) #2

My protein varies quite a bit, anywhere from 60-110 grams per day, depending both on the type of meat I’m having and my appetite. Protein seems to be a very individual macro with some people needing to watch it very closely and others able to be a bit more lax. I feel like I’m in the latter category as I do fine with my fluctuations and even have some pretty high days and I still continue to lose. I am aware of the various formulas and so don’t want to see a bunch of days in the 100’s but don’t fret it too much when they happen. If I stall, I’ll take a look at the numbers again. There are several scientific discussions on this forum on the topic of protein amounts and individual reactions. You might be able to find them using search and I’ll add a link on this post if I run a across any.

(Allie) #3

Ketogains protein macro is way too high for me, in fact I wasn’t keen on anything I saw in their Facebook group so left without even posting.

There’s a massive amount of info that advises no more than around 50 - 75g for women, whether they lift or not. I lift several time a week and don’t think I go much over 60g these days. But I listen to my body too and if it asks for more (as often happens after leg day) then I give it more.

No calculation can tell you what is right for you, only your own body / results can do that.

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According to, an ounce of broiled sirloin contains 8 grams of protein. So six ounces of steak would give you 48 grams of protein. Now six ounces = 170.45 grams, so your steak would be giving you 48 grams of protein and 122.45 of fat, or 192 calories and 1102 calories, respectively. Twenty grams of carbohydrate, the limit we recommend for getting into ketosis, is 80 calories, so there’s 192 + 1102 + 80 = 1374 calories of your daily intake already accounted for. If you wanted to hit 2000 calories, then you would only need to eat another 626 calories, or 69 grams, or about 2-1/2 ounces, of fat.

Seems eminently doable to me. And note, by the way, that the percentages work out to 9.6% of your calories in protein, 86.4% in fat, and 4% in carbohydrate.

But you don’t really need to worry about percentages. Start with this: if you keep your carbohydrate intake under 20 g, you are virtually guaranteed to go into ketosis, especially if you keep your protein intake to 0.8 to 1.5 g per kg of lean body mass. Then be sure to get enough fat so that you feel satisfied. That’s it. Don’t worry about how many calories that is, just be sure to get enough fat to satiate you. Let your body tell you when you’ve eaten enough. And stick with the ketogenic way of eating long enough (several weeks) to be sure that your body makes the transition from being carb-adapted to being fat-adapted. You may be surprised by the results.

(Cathy Shell Hargrave) #5

I am new to keto and this is very helpful! I am stressing about hitting numbers and the ine I am faithful about is under 20 net carbs. So am I to understand the with protein and fat that I should listen to my body?

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All one needs to know! Good luck…:bowing_man: